Waves releases hilarious Butch Vig Vocals plugin but it’s not a joke

hilarious steampunk pluginI saw this thing and had to make a post about it. Waves has made a few decent plugins over the years and others that are just completely silly, like this one.

This is basically the equivalent to a Happy Meal or Air Jordans in plugin land. I’m talking about this trend of getting a known producer or engineer to sign their name on some plugin, especially one that that has nothing interesting or new in it just to sell it. I mean who are they even marketing this towards? Kids? Kids who actually know who Butch Vig is?

The GUI for this plugin looks like some ridiculous Steampunk cartoon, and is nothing but an EQ with a compressor and distortion. All of this stuff can be done easily with nearly any bunch of stock plugin on almost any DAW in existence. Does it really need all those gears? What is happening here?

Come on Waves, try a little harder. Don’t rely on names for sponsorship. Even if you insist on going that route, you may want to consider working with somebody who’s actually currently relevant rather than somebody who was in the limelight 20 + years ago. Nothing against Butch Vig’s work. But from a purely marketing standpoint it seems very behind the times.

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