Food for thought – A playlist of the weird, bizarre, interesting, and unexplained


I’ve spent the past few weeks putting together this playlist of some of the more interesting (non-musically related) videos I’ve come across. As you’ve probably noticed in addition to loving music, production and art, I’m also an avid consumer of the bizarre, paranormal, unexplained, ufology, and the likes.

I am constantly scanning youtube for interesting and high quality videos of this kind. These are some of the ones I have found interesting over the past few weeks. This list includes:

  1. Witness Of Major Texas UFO Cube & Portal Sighting Breaks Silence
  3. UFO DOCUMENTARY 2015: The UFO Files- Presidential Encounters & Underground Bases
  4. Titanic: The Ship That Never Sank?
  5. 5 Unexplained Sightings Caught On Tape (ft. SlappedHam)
  6. 5 Mysterious Artifacts No One Can Explain
  7. The Real Reality
  8. China’s Sexual Revolution – Documentary
  9. 2015 Bob Lazar Area 51 UFO Presentation by George Knapp
  10. “Who does control the world?” – Noam Chomsky – BBC interview 2003
  11. The Holographic Reality (HD)
  12. Secret Space Secret Past ( Full Presentation)
  13. Weird Or What – S01 E10 – Boy Loses His Thumb & Grows Back [HQ]
  14. Military Time Travel Experiments, Project Pegasus, Philadelphia Experiment, A Time for Truth
  15. The Outer Space Connection
  16. Sightings: Ghosts Episode – (Paranormal Documentary)
  17. SIGHTINGS | The UFO Report | based on the TV series | 1995 | VHS rip
  18. Secret Towers Of The Himalayas
  19. David Icke – The Holographic Illusion of Reality
  20. Robert Monroe’s Out of Body Experiences
  21. 5 Min 100% Proof – Apollo = Hoax by Joe Rogan
  22. Sightings Nellis AFBghosts


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