Remembering Dan Hosker

3 years ago today a great friend of mine passed away from this earth into a higher plane of existence. Dan Hosker was a true musician and his whole life revolved around it. Dan was usually playing in about 3 bands at a time, always working on solo material, and always had his head in deep thought and contemplation about life.

Antipope was the first recording Dan and I made in the year 1999, it was released in 2000. It’s a very crazy, avantgarde rock/jazz experimental album.

Drums, Sax, Salad Bowl, Keyboards – Justin Wierbonski
Guitar, wrenches, trumpet – Dan Hosker
fretless and upright bass, Clarinet? – Henry Rajan
cuts, production, mixer kicking – Gerard Klauder

The Girls Named Lourdis was recorded in 2005 and was our final project together and our best. It was heavy, mathy rock, with Dan on guitar, Garo Gallo on bass and me on drums. We recorded it in my first home studio “The Anthill 1”


Nacht was Dan Hosker and Jay Reeve and was recorded in the early 2010s. The duo made an incredibly atmospheric collection of songs that I still enjoy listening to quite often.

Dan also was a member of The Bikes, who recorded a lot of great music. There was one unreleased track that Dan sang on, which has been posted to youtube. (above)

Dan was also a long time member of The Holy Terrors and Harry Pussy, both of which made amazing music.

Remembering you Dan my friend.

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