Anika Nilles Debut LP, PIKALAR, Announced!!!

I have not been this excited for the announcement of an LP in a REALLY LONG TIME. Maybe not ever! Anika Nilles is probably my biggest drummer inspiration in the past several years, and up until now we’ve only had her hand full of youtube singles to satisfy our need for more Nilles. Now there’s a full LP coming out that’s been in the works for the past year and a half.

Nilles mentions in the video that she wanted the album to be more for people who love music and not just for drummers. Though some may be nervous with this statement, to me this is great news. Her newer tracks have been moving into a more Synthwave direction (But with sick live drums) and I’d love to hear more of that type of work on PIKALAR!

So excited about this! Official release date is February 27th!

2 thoughts on “Anika Nilles Debut LP, PIKALAR, Announced!!!

  1. Jürgen Elsen

    it seemed, that you can buy this album only in mp3 quality.
    I know a lot of People who loved really music, but not mp3 stuff – so I would be glad, if there is possibility to get in in flac or wave format …


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