5 Real Synthesizers That Cost Less Than $75

What a time we live in for making music! Today you can buy all kinds of amazing gear for so little money, people of the 1960s would have given their left nut for some of the stuff on this list. I thought I would put together a little list of 5 awesome synths you can get brand new for under $75!

1. Stylophone Beatbox – This thing is so cheap and so freaking cool I can’t believe it. Check out the video

2. Korg Monotron Delay – I love this little synth and have used it on so many of my most popular recordings. I also used it extensively at live Demonic Sweaters shows from 2013 to 2015

3. Casio SA-46 – Probably the most bang for your buck, the SA-46 is a preset synth by Casio that is absolutely tiny, but unlike the rest of the synths on this list, it actually has a real keyboard. Don’t let it’s size fool you, because the sound quality of this little beast is nothing short of phenomenal!

4. Macchiato Mini Digital Synth DIY kit – This one is one of my favorite on the list. It’s a real synth with an actual MIDI input, and you make the case out of cardboard (plans included). I love it!

5. Gakken SX-150 Mark II – This one is a very basic analog synth with stylus control, but what makes this one especially cool is the analog filter actually has a line in feature. So you can plug any other audio source into it and tweak it with the filter in real-time!

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So there you have it. This is quite an awesome collection of synthesizers, and every single one of them will cost you less than most commercial synth VSTs out there!

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