Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit – Complete List Of Drum Sounds and Missing Manual

The Alesis Nitro Mesh Electronic Drum Set is probably the best electronic kit for the money, but the manual is strangely missing a lot of information, like the complete list of drum sounds included in the drum module.

In truth the drum module was designed by a company called Medeli and is internally exactly like their DD512 module. I’ve made it easy for those of you looking for the full drum kit list and you can see them below. As well as the full manual here for download.

10 thoughts on “Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit – Complete List Of Drum Sounds and Missing Manual

  1. Randy

    You’ve been a big help, seen a couple of your videos that have helped me of some issues. Purchased this same kit last weekend.

  2. Scott Gloede

    I just bought this kit about three months ago. I am really enjoying playing on it and your videos are excellent and have really helped me get to know the possibilities of this kit. I am older and played professionally for over 15 years. That was until a few years ago when I gave up playing. Part of that reason was because I moved into an apartment and couldn’t practice but with this kit I can. My question is on how to do give virtual drum lessons using the Alesis Nitro and a Chromebook. I have a Simmons drum amp but I wasn’t sure whether or not I could plug into the Chromebook or use a web camera. Anyway thanks for the excellent videos and keep up the great work!

    1. DemonicSweaters Post author

      Glad to be of service! As far as I know chromebooks allow you to use USB audio interfaces such as this one and you could use that for the audio and the webcam on the Chomebook. I’m not sure what the options are as far as video (if that’s what you were thinking) chat since I haven’t used Chrome OS in a long time. If you wanted to have a mic going at the same time, maybe just get a little mixer with USB like this one.

  3. Yeron Myfoot

    Demonic Sweater Drummer Dude- first off, a really big thank you for making some of the best instructional videos for the Alesis Nitro kit. I knew the kit had potential, but it was a bit like sitting in a really great car not knowing where the ignition switch was so… Muchas Gracias. Really appreciated the silent kitty cat striker ball thing. And I’ll start to mess with your angle iron stops for the bass drum pad. That sucker slides. I do not have a riser to screw the stops into, but you’ve given me some ideas. Nice drum chops, BTW. OK more – thank you for the number/voice guide you found for all of us. That’s like the Rhosetta Stone for this whole kit. You provided it- they didn’t , so dude, thank you. OK- if I were to make a request it would be just for more videos on further instructions on the most frequently used tools in the module. I’m thinking Record yourself to a song, record yourself when practicing chops (without the song) metronome practice, copy cat lesson stuff. If you already covered all that stuff, sorry. I will not sleep in class. I will not sleep in class. I will … can I stop now? Having more module lessons going over the next basics would be great. In the mean time Demonic Sweater Drummer Dude, thank you again!

  4. Ron

    I don’t know how the hell you found this but thanks for sharing it. Great videos. I think you are helping a lot of us old schoolers over a hump into all this fun. Thanks!

  5. Angel Sanz

    Hello There, How are you ? thanks for all this information, really appreciate that.

    I have only one question. It’s possible to use the soundbanks from Ezdrummer with only the USB connection ?


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