Manasota 180g vinyl

20% discount for Manasota 180g vinyl for blog readers only!

Hey my faithful blog readers! Lately I’ve been re-learning all of my Manasota songs from 2016 which has been challenging! It’s a really funny thing when you can’t play the songs you wrote yourself and forget what you did, haha. Anyway, that’s all changing and I’ve been figuring them all out again, which has been fun and challenging. I also, just finally updated to Bandcamp pro, and now have the ability to share videos on the Anthill Recordings Bandcamp page. I’ve put together a live(ish) version of Moai and Jellyfish and is now there in the Manasota page (embeded below). I plan on making some more live(ish) versions of the Manasota material.

I also wanted to show my appreciation to those of you who regularly read this blog and created a special discount code ‘blog20’ that will give you 20% off Manasota on 180g vinyl! Since it’s only $10 right now, that’s be a dirt cheap $8 for the record with free shipping in the USA and cheap shipping everywhere else! This promotion will last for one month, so the code will no longer work after 10/8/19.

Listening on vinyl is quite pleasurable, and it really sounds great. I really want you to be able to enjoy it yourself at a very affordable price. I think if you hear it for yourself, you will definitely agree.

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