The Alesis Nitro Mesh Is Dual Zone Compatible!

The Alesis Nitro Mesh is a great inexpensive electronic drum set that comes with one dual zone snare pad, and 3 tom pads (and kick, cymbal, and hi hat pads). However the 3 tom pads it comes with are only single zone. However, by chance I discovered that all of the tom inputs are actually dual zone, even the expansion one! This means you can upgrade all the pads to dual zone!

Also, if you haven’t already, take a look at my ‘lost manual’ that has all kinds of information not found in the Alesis manual.

5 thoughts on “The Alesis Nitro Mesh Is Dual Zone Compatible!

  1. Fer

    Hello from Spain

    How did you get the rim sound to work on your Tom? I bought my Nitro a week ago and my module does not have any option about the rim of the toms.

    Thanks a lot. Fantastic Youtube channel! .


    1. DemonicSweaters Post author

      That’s what I’m trying to explain in this post. All of the tom inputs are dual zone capable, but the kit comes with single zone toms. Simple solution, switch the snare pad with tom 2, then program the rim to be a ride. The other option is to get another dual zone pad. Hope that helps.

    2. Leo


      Just an FYI, this is also the exact same module as the Alesis “Surge” kit. So any of the Surge toms have dual zones. You can find the Surge toms for reasonable prices.

      Rock on people!!!!

  2. tcypher

    curious… if all the pad connections are dual zone, (despite the actual pad – excluding the snare), does that mean I can by a second kit and a splitter for each tom and assign the second “zone” of that room to a new pad further expanding the kit?

  3. ICE Fred Mischler

    Just to clarify, you’re not suggesting to replace all the toms with dual zone pads, correct? You’re saying if the rim sound on the snare is unimportant to you, switch the snare and Tom 2, because the tom cable can handle 2 inputs and you can program the snare pad to have Tom 2 sound and the snare rim can be some other useful sound (like a ride sound) and the Tom pad that’s now your snare can have a snare sound.

    Is that correct? I guess it begs the question how you got the module to recognize the 2 zones, because the module only shows 1 programming option for the tom 2.


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