How To Make a Cheap and Easy DIY Internal Dual Zone Piezo Drum Trigger

I found this diagram at and t worked great for me!

Get 7% off digital distribution on Distrokid Piezos, gaffer’s tape, output jacks, L brackets You can probably find wire, sponges, and anything else you need laying around the house. Though the total cost of buying all of these items is more than $5, it will allow you to make 6 of them since most of the items come in bulk, and it is still very cheap, so in reality one trigger is probably less than $5 if you’re good at math and want to figure out because I am not. Either way it’s cheap and works. Did you ever want to know how to build your own drum trigger? How about a dual zone trigger that mounts on the inside of the drum? It is really not that hard. Though there’s some videos on YouTube of people making ones WAY MORE COMPLICATED than this one. This one will work, and does a good job once you get it configured.

1 thought on “How To Make a Cheap and Easy DIY Internal Dual Zone Piezo Drum Trigger

  1. frank blodgett

    justin just purchaced alesis nitro how can i add another crash cymbal to tom 4 slot bought cymbal pluged in and nothin!!!!!! what am i missing please advise your help has been a godsend to a novice e drummer thank you!!!


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