All of the “Can You Draw Me?” Cover contest entries!

Last month I held a contest to draw the cover of my album “Can You Draw Me?” I ended up getting a ton of great entries, so I thought I would post all of them here on my website! The contest challenge was to draw a photo I took of a Pirate dummy in Englewood Florida with my Mavica FD-7.

Here is the original photo I took with my Mavica

The winner of the contest got a free Roland drum module, as well as a 180g vinyl copy of Manasota S/T, and their cover used as the permanent cover on the bandcamp page for the album. 

Cynthia Trulinger


Skip Thornhooter

Skip Thornhooter (square)


Rue Clemintine 2

Rue Clemintine 1

Phil Hernandez

Patrick B

Linda Millard 2

Linda Millard 1


Hayden Reynolds

Hayden Reynolds (With Effects)

Domenic S (Winner!)

Daniel Aguilar

Daniel Aguilar 3

Daniel Aguilar 2