Why Learning How to Play the Drums is Especially Good for Children

Drumming is a challenging and rewarding skill for anyone at any age, but my experience with teaching, I’ve noticed the effect of learning the drums on children to be extremely positive. I have had plenty of feedback from parents as to how much learning the drums has helped their child, and I will list some of the reasons why below:

  • Improves motor skills and balance
  • Improves confidence (this is a big one!)
  • Improves clarity of thought and intelligence (really! It’s science!)
  • Relieves stress, frustration, and anger
  • Is a form of low impact exercise
  • Helps children stay focused
  • Burns excess energy

This is just a few of the positive benefits of playing drums. Personally I have had several parents tell me how much their child’s confidence has gone up from taking drum lessons with me. I see it too. I’ve had new students say “this is so hard” then a few months later, I put a new piece of music in front of them and they go “cool”.  When a child goes from not being able to play anything, and thinking it is impossible, to reading music, and playing drums along to their favorite songs in just a few months, they start to believe in themselves in all sorts of other ways. 

What’s even better, is every child can learn to play the drums, not only ones with special skills or talent. Boys and girls both benefit greatly from learning the drums! All it takes is at least 15 minutes a day (they usually want to do more) of practice. Even children with a little more special needs than others can learn just as well as others. I’ve taught children with mental and physical disabilities and the benefits are just as strong for all of them!

Not all children learn the same speed, but they ALL LEARN! How fast a child learns is irrelevant. Some learn quickly, some more slowly, some quick in the beginning then slow down, others slow in the beginning then speed up! If your child plays at least 15 minutes a day, have patient and caring instructor, they ABSOLUTELY WILL LEARN how to play the drums and receive all of the rewards listed above!