22 Free Custom Kits for the Roland TD-6 Drum Module!

Download my latest custom kits for the Roland TD-6!

Please keep a few things in mind before installing on your TD-6:

  • Back up your existing patches first (they will be erased)
  • I am using tom 1 input as a bell zone on the ride
  • Tom 2 input is split using this cable https://amzn.to/3oY1Hkf, and aux trigger is installed
  • Tom 3 is not being utilized, though you could use the same cable as above to expand one more tom
  • Snare is dual zone on my setup, crashes are dual zone, aux is single zone and ride is 3 zone (using tom 1 input for bell), toms are all single zone.
  • download is in .syx format, you must use a program like MIDIOX or Syx-Lib to transfer the files.

How to use Sysex-Lib to transfer the kits, watch the vid below.

How to do it using MIDIOX or SysEx Librian (for mac) see the next video: