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Vaporwave fashion

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Vaporwave Fashion


Vaporwave is difficult to describe in full: it is both an aesthetic and a cultural movement that is having a major moment in fashion. Closely related to seapunk, this aesthetic takes cues from cyberpunk and dystopian capitalism and often features Japanese writing, grid motifs, classical sculptures, and 80s and 90s technology.  Recently, certain brands have come to understand its popularity amongst young Internet users and have started to manufacture clothes and bags that emulate the Vaporwave style.

Digging this Vaporwave style? Here is a curated list of some of the best translations of Vaporwave from the Internet to clothing.

MODA vaporwave

The Technology Tee // $35.99 // Very Cool Shirtz

MODA vaporwave 2

Grid 3D Head Dufflebag // $70.00 // Shop Jeen

MODA vaporwave 1

Blue Sky Backpack // $85.00 // Shop Jeen

MODA vaporwave 3

Vaporwave Thing // $22.40 // RedBubble

MODA vaporwave 4

ひきこもり Swag // $25.84 // RedBubble

MODA vaporwave 5

The Brain Aesthetic // $24.80// RedBubble

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