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History of the Nintendo Gameboy

Just watched this great little video that explains the history of the Gameboy and it’s roots that go all the way back to 1979.

Highly entertaining and fully of great info!


Atari ST Music Amazing Mix! Chiptunes | 8Bit Music | Vintage Video Game Music

Here’s an incredible hour long mix of some of the best Atari ST music out there.

Includes Wally Beben, Rob Hubbard, Tim Follin and many more, the video contains 26 tunes from the Atari ST games.

Airball, Awesome, Badcats, Bionic Commando, Bubble Dizzy, Chambers Of Shaolin, Chase H.Q., Mr.Do.Run Run, Dragon Breed, Driving Force, Dyna Blasters, ECO, Eliminator, Enchanced Lands, Flying Shark, Ghost Battle, Ghouls’n’Ghosts, Giana Sisters, Hawkeye, Hell Raiser, Hyperdrome, Iball, IK+, Jupiter Probe, Led Storm, Sly Spy

Atari ST Midi Studio

Opho Keys | The iPhone MIDI controller that teaches you how to play, plus its modular!

When I first saw this the first thing I thought of was Casio’s old light up key system several years ago that could teach kids how to play piano using a built-in learning system. The Opho Keys system is somewhat similar, but enhanced with a game-like app that will run on your phone or iPad that has a kinda Rock Band type interface.

The controller has some cool looking light up keys, is ultra portable, and can be connected together wirelessly with other Keys systems for expansion, as well as add-on modules to provide further expression controls. There’s also proximity sensors that allow you to change the octave without actually touching the unit. Pretty darn nifty.

Definitely a neat little item, and could be a great way to learn music and easy way to turn your phone into a synth!

Opho Keys


Steam reveals HTC Virtual Reality headset! Are 1990s cyber-punk movies finally coming true?

Well that was fast! Seems like I just heard about Valve (Steam)’s announcement of getting into the VR game and now we see that HTC has already made one for them!

If you’re as old as me, you probably remember in the 90s how so many movies and TV shows were featuring VR like it was something we were going to be getting in our living room by the year 2000, yet it didn’t happen. Turns out computers just weren’t up to the task yet, or at least computers that normal people could afford weren’t.

Well those days may finally be over, or very close to it. Seems like now everyone is talking about VR again, from Samsung, to Oculus, and even Bjork is supposedly making a video to be released in VR! I’m super excited about a Steam VR and all the possibilities this could hold! I would love to see some social and music related software coming out with this technology!


Currently, the HTC Vive is the only virtual reality headset that’s part of Valve’s Steam VR push. That’s not because it’s the only one, but because it’s the only one we know about thus far. “You should think of the Vive as the first in the same way there are multiple Steam Machines,” Valve president Gabe Newell told me this morning. In other words, Steam VR is an open platform supported by Valve. “We’re building tools and hopefully they’re valuable to hardware partners who want to do it. In some cases, we’ll take the leadership role in shipping stuff. But we’re really just building tools for other people to continue. So you’ll see more headsets.”

That’s an important distinction. Valve handed off the announcement of its VR headset to HTC, a company known for making phones and a bizarre, strangely attractive camera. But Valve also undercut HTC’s news by announcing its own VR initiative a week earlier. It’s become clearer across the past two weeks that, while the HTC Vive is a big push for Valve, the bigger picture of SteamVR involves Valve setting up an ecosystem with free tools for any company to use. “Build it and they will come,” in so many words.

Source: Valve’s push into VR will span many headsets from many companies

VR for Steam? It could be sooner than you thought! Valve announces virtual reality hardware!


Valve has announced plans for a VR headset. I’m pretty excited about this. Many trolls have been bashing the idea that too many people are jumping into the idea of VR, but I think Valve/Steam being completely focused on gaming, will be one of the better ones to jump into the game. Anyway, we’ll all see what’s gonna happen in the next year or two. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing some really amazing stuff very soon.

Valve SteamVR: Neue Virtual Reality-Hardware – Thought of the Day, First details on a Valve’s upcoming VR device, set to be shown off for the first time at G…

Source: Valve SteamVR: Neue Virtual Reality-Hardware – Thought of the Day – YouTube