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The Manasota Project (Web Series)

Last summer I recorded some songs all by myself then started a kickstarter campaign to release the songs on 180g vinyl. Much to my surprise the kickstarter completed successfully! The album is being pressed and is set to be completed in April of 2016. Now is when the real challenge begins. How does a largely unknown artist sell 500 vinyl LPs in 2016? Good question.

I’m a 40-year-old guy who’s played in bands since I was 10, so the idea of putting together a band to play unrewarding shows at bars for no money to try to sell an album really didn’t sound like fun nor like a good idea.

So instead I’ve decided to get some musicians together to perform on YouTube. It’ll help promote the album, and be a lot of fun in the process. The Manasota project documents this process and is a window into the life of a musician who never gives up.

Behind the scenes on Herbie Hancock’s bizarre Rockit music video

Reading about Bina48 last night partially inspired the idea of this post. I remember seeing Rockit by Herbie Hancock as a child and thinking it was really cool, but at the same time a bit nightmarish and disturbing. There’s something about that torso walking around the room and the strange partially life-like robotic mannequins sitting around a living room of some suburban apartment that is a bit…. well scary. I don’t know why.

Anyway it was a completely revolutionary video at the time and still is quite a cool song and video. The above video is a great look behind the scenes as Herbie and the creators talk about where the ideas came from and how the video came to be so recognized on MTV.

And while we’re at it, here’s the full video!

Herbie Hancock Rockit Making Of

Dial up and log in to the Internet of 1993! The Computer Chronicles

This show is such a wonderful historic archive. The Computer Chronicles shows us the this crazy new invention “The Internet” in 1993.

zen and the art of the internet

1993 doesn’t even seem that long ago, yet so much is different now. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and use a dial up modem again. Weird, I know.

Roger Linn’s futuristic MIDI controller, the “Linnstrument” may be the first realistic string emulation on MIDI!

Roger Linn, inventor of the legendary LinnDrum has designed an equally innovative midi controller that allows players new forms of expression! What resembles a lighted step sequencer is actually a new type of midi controller that allows for linear sliding pitch bends, much like using a slide on a guitar, pressure sensitivity, and timbre all at the tip of one finger.

I love how all these years Roger Linn is still coming up with new things! Check out some of these videos that shows how interesting this new technology really is. I think the slide guitar and pedal steel are especially impressive. I don’t think anyone had been able to control sounds this way in MIDI before now.

Very Very cool.

Vermona 14 Analog Synth

2015 NAMM shows a promising release of a new analog synthesizer | Vermona 14

Vermona 14 Analog Synth

I must admit that when I first started watching this vid, I was like, great yet ANOTHER monophonic analog synth. However there are quite a few interesting features on this baby to make it seem pretty damn cool. Most especially the ability to record basic key sequences then play them back via single key press and transpose them on the fly. To me, this can open a ton of possibilities almost making up for the fact that it’s monophonic. I think I want one!