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Japanese Video Game Music Documentary | Diggin’ In The Carts | Episodes 1 through 6

This is a fantastic documentary about the huge influence of Japanese video game music had on the entire world. I’ve put together a playlist of episodes 1 through 6. This was a really cool film put together as a miniseries by Red Bull.


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Check out this amazing video of Mark Mothersbaugh sharing his synth collection and just being awesome!

I love this man so much. When I was a kid the first band I ever loved was Devo. I still own the same vinyl copy of Oh No It’s Devo I got when I was like 5. I still love this band and this is one of the coolest little snippets of interview I’ve ever seen of Mark. Enjoy 🙂


I stopped by the studio with Key Rings, I think they liked me, what do you think?