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Free Tama Club-JAM Mini (with addons) Sample Set for SmartWAV 2 (or anything)

Download my two latest SmartWAV 2 samples sets here. These consist of a full single layer mono drum sample set, as well as a full multi-layer stereo cymbal sample set. Use the single layer set if you are replacing your whole kit, or the multi-layer for just replacing the cymbals. You also could only use parts of each to replace individual drums or cymbals.

You may need to rename some files if your MIDI mapping is different than mine, or edit your MIDI note output. These samples could also easily be used in an Ableton Live Drum Rack or any other software or drum module that allows you to use your own samples!

Free Cyberpunk 8 Bit Drums Sample Set for SmartWav 2 or Anything

What you’re hearing above is the 8 bit drum sample set I created from my old Tama Imperialstar drum set. I did various things to the different samples to create something I think sounds pretty cool and very ‘Cyberpunk’. All the samples are 8 bit mono samples, and the samples are named to work with the SmartWav 2 + MIDI adapter by Vizic Technologies. They could also be used in just about anything, just need to use the guide below to know what samples are what.

046 = Open hi hat
036 = kick
038 = Snare
050 = tom 1
042 = Closed Hi Hat
041 = tom 4
044 = hi hat pedal
048 = tom 2
045 = tom 3
053 = ride
049 = crash 3
055 = crash 2
051 = crash 1

Download the sample pack here. 



Multi-Layered Sample Custom Drum Rack for eDrum MIDI Ableton

I made a tutorial on how to sample your own drums, then make a multi-layered drum rack within Ableton that you can control with your electronic drum kit. I’ve also uploaded this full drum rack for you to use in ableton as well, download it at How to install the drum rack: First download the zip file then unzip it to wherever you save your Ableton projects, then open it. Click on MIDI channel 1 and you will see the drum rack. Click the little floppy disk icon on the drum rack to save the preset to your own presets folder. Do not delete my original directory because it contains all of my samples used in the drum rack. You may need to edit your MIDI channels on your kit to match up the drums.

Drum Sample Pack Recorded On A Nokia Lumia 635 Windows Phone

I’ve recently been trying to think of ways I can put my old Windows phone to use, and was messing with it while I was playing drums and decided to use the audio recorder to record some drums to see how they sounded. Much to my surprise I thought they sounded quite cool. So I recorded a whole set of individual drum hits all on the phone, then trimmed and cleaned them up in Audacity and am putting them here to download.

They have an almost Linn Drum-esq sound to them and really like it. It’s free for you to download and use as you like!



Demonic Sweaters Drum Loops Vol. 2

This is the second in a series of high quality drum loops I’m creating for you to use for free. This is a collection of various drum loops 100bpm, 130bpm, and 180bpm, that is compatible with all major DAWs and is in 16bit 44100khz sample rate. 107 loops in total in this pack! Download the full pack below!

These loops are 100% royalty free (see details below) and were recorded myself. Each drum was miked individually, and professionally mastered with minimal processing to allow for maximum usage in a wide variety of projects.

License details:
1. Can I incorporate your sounds into a beat/instrumental/musical composition royalty-free and without attribution? YES

2. If selling a beat including the sounds; can i supply trackouts of my finished beat (individual sounds separated into stems) for my customer? YES

3. Do I have sole and complete ownership of my finished composition, with no strings attached, so it can be used for any commercial purpose and in any medium with no risk of copyright/ownership claims? YES, BUT YOU WILL OWN RIGHTS TO FINISHED COMPOSITION ONLY. YOU WILL NOT HAVE ANY RIGHT TO OR BE ABLE TO CLAIM RIGHT TO THE ROYALTY FREE DRUM TRACKS IN THIS DOWNLOAD, AS IN THEY WILL REMAIN IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN AND FREE TO USE BY ANYONE IN ANY OTHER PROJECT.

IF you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Download the loop pack here!

Or here, if the above doesn’t work for some reason

Vol 1 is located here: