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Casio Day! A free collection of Casio VST plugins and sound packs!

In honor of’s first ever Casio Day, I’ve put together this little collection of free Casio VSTs and sound banks! This is a collection of 7 Windows based VSTs, 2 sound banks, and one Ableton instrument that are all either Casio emulators, sampled from, or Casio inspired. Each listing has an individual download link, as well as mirrors. There’s also a rar file of all the plugins and sample packs together at the bottom of the post! Enjoy!

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vl toneFirst up is the classic and mega-cheesy VL tone! Here’s a nifty and very realistic free plugin called the VL1



Kassiopeia! 2.0

Number two is what looks like one seriously awesome Casio CZ style emulator, The Kassiopeia!



plastique_3For number three we’ve got the Plastique, an HT-700 inspired plugin. This little plugin is quite cool. Not really exactly like an HT, but has some great sounds and very useful. Still definitely has the Casio vibe too.



mothmanz3000Number four is my own Mothman Z3000. This is another CZ type plugin. I modeled it specifically after the CZ-3000 with some slight differences. It comes bundled with 3 other Mothman synths. ALL FREE!


Casiopea VST

Number five, Casiopia. This is yet another CZ inspired 8 voice polyphonic synth. I’ve posted all the different CZ plugins because each has their own character and sounds.





Number Six – Cheapo-Tone, this is another VL inspired plugin, but instead of using samples, this one is a true software synth with digital oscillators to create the tones. You can also create your own patches from scratch and save them. Very cool!



Casio PT-10Number Seven – Casio PT-10 Sound Pack. Here’s a 17mb soundpack from Seaweed Factory to be used in Ableton or anything really. There are sounds and loops included. 



Casio CT 101Number Eight – Casiotone CT-101 Ableton Instrument. This is an ALP file to use in Ableton which is nice other than just having raw samples to work with. 



Casio SK-1Number Nine – The undeniable classic Casio SK-1 (Sample Set) Unfortunately there’s not a plugin out there yet that emulates the sampling feature of an SK-1, but there’s some pretty good sound sets of the other built-in sounds, like this one. 



casio fz-20mNumber Ten – Freon Surfer FZ. Last but not least is this really cool plugin that isn’t an FZ emulator, but rather drum samples that were captured from the Freon Surfer preset of the Sonic Charge MicroTonic software drum machine using the Casio FZ-20M, then made into a plugin with variable 9khz or 36khz sample rates, time stretched, and overdrive settings. 



Well there you have it, 10 free plugins and sound sets that are all Casio! Now you have enough casio plugs to create a whole album using nothing but Casio sounds. Hmmmm… I just might do that!

If you want to cut to the chase and get everything at once, I’ve made a handy dandy rar file of everything in this post to download all at once!

Download the full pack







New Sonic Arts VICE Loop Slicer and Sampler Plugin

Our pal saintjoe over at did this great review of the new “Vice” Slicer Sampler plugin by Sonic Arts I’ve actually been looking for something exactly like this, so was a cool find for me, here’s what stj had to say:

“Today I’m reviewing a product from New Sonic Arts, a smaller developer making some pretty cool products.The one I’m checking out today is VICE

Let’s dig in!

So what is VICE?

It’s a sampler/slicer plugin with a super clean interface and the ability to add up to 4 insert fx per slice, as well modulation, multi output, and host automation support.

I love the crisp and simple layout, but it’s a quick way to play with your samples and turn them into an instrument without having to worry about destructively altering your audio.

Of course everything can be triggered via MIDI, you can slice manually or using the multiple detection algorithms, and the interface makes it quick to add multiple fx to all slices or individual slices.

It’s a very flexible way to play with your loops, and though it’s powerful, the interface is just so clean!

Quick Specs

So what’s the bottom line?

I love it when smaller developers take a chance and release things they’ve been thinking about. The developer behind New Sonic Arts has had his hand in some pretty popular tools over the years, to see his take on his own products is very refreshing.

What I dig about the design is how clean it is, how smoothly the visuals are when zooming in, and how powerful the tool is without being overly complex.

Read more: Review: New Sonic Arts VICE Loop Slicer and Sampler Plugin

Download a Free Chromatic gongs plug-in: Thai Gongs by Alan ViSTa

Here’s a seriously cool free plugin from VST4free that runs on PC and Mac that is real Thai Gongs is a sampled traditional chromatic gong set from Thailand.

It contains 39 stereo 24 bit samples from the University of Iowa Electronic Music Studios public domain library.
3 velocity layers.
Release time control.
Amplitude dynamic range.
Master volume.



thai gongs

Amazing pack of midi manipulation plugins! Change audio to CC data, delay notes and CC with feedback, and more!


I found a free motherload of amazing plugins for midi that allow you to do all kinds of cool stuff with midi data! The whole thing came about from me just wanting to change a midi assignment in EnergyXT that isn’t changeable, then a forum poster pointed me in the direction of these. I was blown away and thought I’d share em!

pizmidi2 pizmidi

Complete list of plugins and features:

midi16CCRouter – Changes up to 16 CCs to 16 other CCs.
midi2qwerty16 – Use MIDI to trigger fake keystrokes to the focused window.
midiAlias – Note values are reflected between a “Nyquist Note” and a “Zero Note,” similar to the effect of audio sample aliasing.
midiAudioToCC – Converts audio amplitude to CC messages.
midiBlackKeyFilter – Separately adjust velocity of black and white keys, and/or send them on different channels.
midiCCModulator – Use one CC to modulate another CC (or note velocity) in various ways: add/subtract/multiply/etc, plus logic gates (AND, NAND, XNOR, etc).
midiCCReset – Remembers CC values and sends them out again at selected times.
midiCCStepper – Quantize CC events by value or in time.
midiCCToggle – For changing momentary CC buttons into toggles.
midiChannelize – Transforms everything to the selected channel.
midiChordHold – Sustains a chord until another one is played.
midiChordSplit – For splitting polyphonic material to multiple midi channels based on selected note ranges for each voice.
midiChs_noGUI – Channel filter/changer like energyXT1 “MIDI chs” component.
midiConverter3 – Change and convert between CC, Channel Pressure, Poly Aftertouch, Program Change, Pitch Bend, NRPN/RPN, Note On/Off, and other messages in various ways.
midiDelay – Delay notes and/or CCs with feedback.
midiDuplicateBlocker – Remembers all MIDI message values it gets on each channel, and blocks any repeated values until a different value is received.
midiExactDelay – Simple delay (no dry signal, no feedback) with flexible and precise delay time.
midiFingered – Selectively sends standard portamento on/off CC messages to emulate “fingered portamento” for synths that don’t have it.
midiForceToKey – Enforces a scale, and transposes within the scale (optionally based on MIDI notes on a selected channel).
midiForceToRange – Transposes notes by octave into the selected range.
midiInvertNotes – “Mirrors” notes centered around the selected note.
midiKeySplit – Simple keyboard splitter.
midiKeySplit4 – Four-zone keyboard splitter.
midiMultiProgramChange – Uses input program change to trigger selected program changes on all channels.
midiNotchFilter – Isolate, remove, or channelize specific MIDI messages.
midiNoteGroups – Assign play and/or choke groups to MIDI notes.
midiNoteMap – Simple 1-to-1 keyboard mapper.
midiNoteRepeater – Repeats every Nth note a set number of times, or blocks it.
midiNotesToCC – Converts note number and velocity to CC messages.
midiNoteToggle – Notes (optionally within a selected range and/or channel) are toggled… play a note once to turn it on, play it again to turn it off.
midiNRPNConverter – Converts between NRPN/RPN and CC messages, with 16 conversion slots.
midiOverlappingNoteKiller – Prevents overlapping notes at the same pitch.
midiPitchBendQuantize – Quantizes pitch bend messages to up to 25 values.
midiPitchBendToNotes – Changes pitch bend plus note messages into notes at the “bent” pitch (may be useful for using Suzuki QChord with non-multitimbral instruments).
midiPolyphony – For spreading polyphony across MIDI channels, i.e. if you play 4 notes, each one will go to a different channel. Polyphony per channel can be set from 1 to 16 notes for more flexibility. You can also use it to convert polyphonic input to monophonic output.
midiProbability – Add probability-based effects to incoming MIDI events, optionally synced to host timeline.
midiProgramChange – Send Program Change and/or Bank Select messages.
midiSimpleLFO – One CC LFO with some “simple” options.
midiScaleChanger – Transposes notes by individual scale degrees and/or globally, to change one scale into another. Among other things, this allows you to play any scale using only the white keys.
midiSostenuto – Like a piano sostenuto pedal, but for MIDI notes instead of piano dampers.
midiStrum – Sequentially delays notes of an input chord to simulate strumming.
midiStuckNoteKiller – Sends note-off messages to end hanging notes when the host stops (for hosts that don’t do this themselves).
midiSwing – Delays and/or offsets velocity of and applies probability to notes (and optionally also CCs) at every other step of a selected note value.
midiTriggerList – Use one note or CC to trigger up to 8 other notes and/or CCs.
midiVelocityScaler – Scale/reverse/offset velocity of input notes (Note On and/or Note Off).


Mirror if above doesn’t work

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Sometimes you just need a simple low pass filter plugin! Here’s one for free, and some other stuff :)



That’s what I needed when I found this. I was working on a song and all of my filter plugins had LFOs and way too much crap on them. I just wanted a low pass filter with with a cutoff and frequency knob so I could program the automation myself and map it to my NanoKONTROL. Okay, well this one has a couple more knobs than that, but was still pretty simple and did what I wanted it to do. Also, it sounds pretty good and comes with a pack of 4 plugins, reverb, delay, EQ and the filter. All of which sound pretty good, and yep, they’re free!

Download here

Mirror if that download doesn’t work


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