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Natural Anti-Virals and tips to strengthen your immune system for Covid-19

Today we are facing a new challenge as a species, and lots of people are confused, concerned, and feeling very uncertain about the future. One of the things we can do to prepare for a possible illness is have a healthy immune system.

  1. Don’t smoke or vape – not tobacco, not weed, not anything. Covid-19 attacks the lungs, and smoking weakens your immune system and lungs. So if you smoke, right now is a great time to quit!
  2. Do cardio – cardio vascular exercise also strengthens the lungs by making you use them. Make sure to do this in a clean environment, preferably outside away from any crowds. (think biking or jogging).
  3. Eat right – cut out processed foods that cause inflammation, fast food, fried foods, refined sugars and sweets. Eat plenty of leafy greens, and lean meats such as chicken breast or fish, as well as a small amount of easy to digest carbohydrates, such as brown rice.
  4. Stay positive РEasier said than done with the news, but try avoiding all news for at least a day. Do some meditation, or prayer. Watch some comedies, or spend time with loved ones or pets, or all of the above.
  5. Do something creative Рnow you have the time! Write your book, make your album, paint your masterpiece.

In addition to all of the above, there’s some natural foods that have strong anti-viral properties. I’ll list what I think are the best below. However if you have any health conditions, check with your healthcare practitioner, or do your own research before taking anything listed below. I AM NOT A DOCTOR AND CLAIM NO MEDICAL KNOWLEDGE, NOR DO I ACCEPT ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY HERB OR SUPPLEMENT REGIMEN YOU PARTAKE IN.

  1. Garlic (with Allicin) РGarlic when crushed creates a chemical called Allicin which is a very potent anti-viral. Eating cooked garlic does not work, but chewing raw cloves will, however this is pretty nasty, so you can get some garlic supplements like this one that contain the virus fighting Allicin.
  2. Ginger Root– Good old fashion ginger root that you can buy at your local grocery store. If you have a juicer, this is the best and most concentrated way to have it. If you don’t have a juicer, you can cut it into slices and boil it in water for 7 minutes to make a potent ginger tea.
  3. Zinc – A few years ago a company called Zicam actually proved scientifically that zinc, if applied to the entrance of a virus, such as your nose or mouth can greatly reduce the severity of the common cold (which is a type of coronavirus). Their nasal spray worked really well, but due to a lawsuit, they had to remove zinc from their product, they still sell it with the clinically proven claim, but unfortunately zicam is no longer effective. However, now a few companies make a zinc spray you can spray to the back of your throat to prevent contracting a a cold. Get one here

Anyway, I hope all of you are staying safe out there and let’s get through this together!

Dear straight guys, you’re doing it wrong – Easy Style Tips From A Gay Man

Every morning (almost) I head to the gym to start my day. I’m also constantly riding the subway and observing those around me. When I got out at night to clubs or music venues I am seeing them. By them, I am talking about the terribly dressed, bad facial hair, poorly groomed straight guy.

I feel so bad for straight women with the options they are presented with. Do straight men not own mirrors? So many times I’ll be out and women will want to talk to me, and just outright flirt with me, but I’m not interested. I mean, I enjoy talking, but I’m gay and live with my boyfriend.

So why does this happen to me and not to you? Well, I’m here to tell you that it is not as mysterious as you may think. Here’s a list of a few things you should honestly assess about yourself if you’re a straight guy having trouble meeting women.

  1. Facial Hair – Okay, so this is probably the #1 issue with straight men today. 99% of all facial hair looks horrible. If you’re going to have facial hair, do it right. Some styles you should NEVER do. Never have a soul patch under any circumstance. NEVER have a chin-only beard where you shave the mustache. NEVER have a chin strap beard, and most important, NEVER A NECK BEARD. The safest bet is to just stay clean-shaven. If you insist on having facial hair, keep it NORMAL, TRIMMED, AND GROOMED EVERY DAY!
  2. Wear clean clothes that fit – STOP WEARING HUGE PANTS, It looks really really bad. Are your ankles like a dinger inside a bell? This is a bad sign. Wear your size, NEVER let the heals of your shoes walk on the back of your pants. This is so f-ing disgusting. Wear your pants on your waist, not below your ass (this one should be obvious). Stop wearing OLD DIRTY SHOES. This one is insane to me. So many straight guys wear disgusting old shoes. Throw that shit away. You’d be better off with a clean new pair of Keds, then a gross dirty ass pair of Air Jordans. Guess what, girls don’t give a rats-ass about Basketball shoes. If anything it shows them you make bad choices as to where you spend your money, and if they’re old and dirty, it’s even worse. Wear shirts that fit. Once you get all of the above, then you can actually start color coordinating. Never wear cargo shorts, or hats with stickers on them. Stay away from sports team wear in general.
  3. Hair – get haircuts, shave your damn neck hair, buy a damn blow-drier. You might be saying, I do style my hair. But how do you style it? Are you using wet looking moose or gel? Don’t do that. Does your hair look like Frankenstein? This may be a Brooklyn only thing, where some guys are shaving a straight line on their foreheads (think Drake). This looks really really bad. Do not do this. If you’re taking the time to style yourself, do it right.
  4. Wash your clothes. Seriously, this matters.
  5. Do not wear cologne, or body sprays, but DO wear deodorant and or essential oils.
  6. Instead of talking about yourself, ask questions. Conversations go two ways. The more you want to know about who you’re talking to, the more they’ll want to know you.

You could be overweight, not especially attractive, but if you do all of the above you will stand out from the crowd and women will start paying attention to you. Don’t be afraid to ‘look gay’. Believe me, it’s a far better stereotype than the ‘straight look’.

Bad facial hair:

Bad facial hair 101

Multi-Layered Sample Custom Drum Rack for eDrum MIDI Ableton

I made a tutorial on how to sample your own drums, then make a multi-layered drum rack within Ableton that you can control with your electronic drum kit. I’ve also uploaded this full drum rack for you to use in ableton as well, download it at How to install the drum rack: First download the zip file then unzip it to wherever you save your Ableton projects, then open it. Click on MIDI channel 1 and you will see the drum rack. Click the little floppy disk icon on the drum rack to save the preset to your own presets folder. Do not delete my original directory because it contains all of my samples used in the drum rack. You may need to edit your MIDI channels on your kit to match up the drums.

Drumless Versions Of My Latest Live Show!

My latest live performance on my Alesis Nitro Mesh drum set has been one of the most well received videos I’ve done ever on my channel. Down at the bottom of the description there’s a link for drumless versions of all the songs in an Audacity project.

I would absolutely love to hear some of your versions of these songs! Record your own video and send me a link!

Being Non-Binary, and why I look different in so many of my videos

Above is a selection of videos where my appearance is quite different in each video. I’ve had a lot of comments lately of people either making fun of my looks or giving me complements. It doesn’t really bother me when people try to insult me (though I really think you should get help), but I wanted to create this post to help others who may be similar to me in how they handle their personal appearance.

First off, I view myself as an entertainer and educator, and when I am at my best, I am taking very good care of my appearance and presenting myself in my videos in a way (or at least trying) that I feel looks good. Second, I guess I could be described as somewhat non-binary, at least in my fashion choices. I like men’s and women’s clothes. I also wear makeup sometimes. I really don’t think it is a big deal at all, but some people can’t seem two wrap their heads around this concept.

Some of my vids, I’m just straight up lazy, and my hair is sloppy, and I’m basically still in my pajamas, haha. But my more recent videos I’ve been trying to change this. I’m using better mics, and making sure to use my good camera, and when I dress up for my videos, I have been wearing some makeup to enhance the features of my face that I actually like (like my eyes).

Being in the public eye is an odd phenomena. My videos have been viewed close to 2 million times at this point. This doesn’t really make me a celebrity exactly, but still it is quite a lot of people to be looking at, criticizing and judging me based on my appearance. I’m also very into fashion, and enjoy taking risks. Sometimes it works, and sometimes… well, it doesn’t. But you don’t really know unless you try it.

So this is me not apologizing, but saying to those who face similar challenges, that you’re not alone and I’m right there with you.

Thanks to all of you who have kindly supported me and keep me moving forward.