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‘Low Volume’ cymbals and drums suck, build your own e-drums instead

Okay hear me out here before you get tiggered, but I really think this trend of the past couple of years of “low volume” cymbals is really stupid. Yes yes, I get that some people (including me) live in small apartments with neighbors all around who really will not like you banging on full volume drums, but if the option is playing something that looks like a drumset, but sounds like awful garbage, like the example above, I’d rather just play guitar.

I started playing drums when I was 10 years old, and as a kid (and as an adult), the power, loudness, resonance, and tones of the drums, all are part of why I loved playing them so much. If I had something that sounded like cardboard boxes and baking pans, I never would have wanted to play them. So what can you do?

Well, what I do is rent a small room about 10 blocks away from my house in an industrial neighborhood for my drums, but I realize this option isn’t realistic for everyone, so option 2 is build your own electronic drum set. Even though I kinda hate electronic drums too, but at least they’re better than what you hear above. I built my own electronic kit back in 2009, and it wasn’t that difficult, here’s some  pics:

I’ve also made a playlist of youtubers who made some pretty awesome ones:

Or… you can just buy one (which is probably what I’d do now, haha.

E-kits have gotten a lot cheaper and better in recent years. But honestly, I would rather play any of the above than Low Volume cymbals with silent heads. At this point you’re just hitting drum shaped objects that sound like nothing. At least with electronic drums you can record them and have endless options of sounds. Plus they’re STILL QUIETER than LV cymbals and drums.

Anyway, I know this was a bit of a rant, but just had to get it out there ;P

Math Noise Rock Rejuvenated and Reinvented with The Band Black MIDI

Having cut my teeth in the mathrock, noise, experimental, post hardcore scenes of the 1990s, when I first saw Black MIDI on KEXP, I felt like I was travelling back in time to the better days of live music.

This band is definitely calling back to the ages of bands like, Bastro, Drive Like Jehu, Sonic Youth, Polvo, Slint, and even a touch of Wire, and the Contortionists, but are doing it in their own unique way, and are very, very young. Live shows by this band is absolutely amazing. Not only on this KEXP performance, but all other videos I’ve seen of the band so far, they are just playing their asses off.

They come out of the UK somewhere, but the info online about them is extremely vague, and this seems to have been adding to their mystique in general. European shows by the band have been selling out left and right, yet they have not even released a single studio recording. Thankfully somebody has made this flac version of the full show that you can download.

I’m really happy to see a band like this existing in 2019, it really gives me hope of the younger generation. I can’t wait for an official release by this amazing band!

Drum Sample Pack Recorded On A Nokia Lumia 635 Windows Phone

I’ve recently been trying to think of ways I can put my old Windows phone to use, and was messing with it while I was playing drums and decided to use the audio recorder to record some drums to see how they sounded. Much to my surprise I thought they sounded quite cool. So I recorded a whole set of individual drum hits all on the phone, then trimmed and cleaned them up in Audacity and am putting them here to download.

They have an almost Linn Drum-esq sound to them and really like it. It’s free for you to download and use as you like!



The Epiphone Les Paul SL Is One Cool Retro Axe That Costs Next To Nothing

I have been seeing these at guitar center recently, and I have got to say that I really love this student model guitar! Epiphone makes some amazingly cool products for barely any money with some pretty impressive build quality.

What I really love about this thing is the extremely retro look, kinda like the old Melody Makers of the 1950s. To top it off they come in several amazing looking finishes.

They feature a poplar body with a mahogany neck, two single coil pickups, and 1000 points of cool!

They’re only $119 brand new, or $179 with a gig bag, mini amp, cable, and accessories, making it a perfect guitar for learning, or even for those that just want a cool looking Epiphone to add to their guitar collection!


MIDI 2.0 Prototyping Announced by MMA


The MIDI Manufacturers Association (MMA) and the Association of Music Electronics Industry (AMEI) announce MIDI 2.0TM Prototyping

Los Angeles, CA, January 18, 2019 – The MIDI Manufacturers Association (MMA) and AMEI (the Japanese MIDI association) have finalized the core features and name for the next generation MIDI protocol: MIDI 2.0. Member companies are currently working together to develop prototypes based on a jointly developed, feature-complete, draft specification. A members-only plugfest to test compatibility between some early MIDI 2.0 prototypes is planned for Winter NAMM 2019. Participating companies include Ableton/Cycling ’74, Art+Logic, Bome Software, Google, imitone, Native Instruments, Roland, ROLI, Steinberg, TouchKeys, and Yamaha.

As with MIDI 1.0, AMEI and the MMA are working closely together and sharing code to streamline the prototype development process. Prototyping is planned to continue during 2019 as the associations work together on MIDI 2.0 launch plans, including exploring the development of a MIDI 2.0 logo and self-certification program for MMA and AMEI member companies.

During the prototyping phase, the proposed MIDI 2.0 specification is available only to MMA and AMEI members, because the prototyping process may trigger minor enhancements to the specification. Once a final specification is adopted, it will join the current MIDI specifications as a free download on

The MIDI 2.0 initiative updates MIDI with auto-configuration, new DAW/web integrations, extended resolution, increased expressiveness, and tighter timing — all while maintaining a high priority on backward compatibility. This major update of MIDI paves the way for a new generation of advanced interconnected MIDI devices, while still preserving interoperability with the millions of existing MIDI 1.0 devices. One of the core goals of the MIDI 2.0 initiative is to also enhance the MIDI 1.0 feature set whenever possible.