DIce OS Update 0.1.5

My latest DIce OS is now available for download. There’s been several great software additions such as, Autotalent (autotune plugin), Timemachine (simple jack audio recorder), MP3 Support, QMidiArp, QSampler, and Flowblade (great video editior), nm-applet (for managing wifi in IceWM), Thunar with Gnome Icons (for file management in IceWM. Download the latest DIce OS here! […]

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DIce OS is my custom-made Linux distribution based on Opensuse Leap 42.1. It is geared towards audio and video production and aims to be a lightweight alternative to Ubuntustudio or others like it.

It comes preconfigured with Jack, Qtractor, Audacity, LMMS (with windows VST support), Kdenlive, Seq24, Simplescreenrecorder, and much much more. It has IceWM, and KDE Plasma 5 desktops, and it avialable on a Live DVD that can optionally be installed.

It is still in early stages up development, but should be stable enough to use.

The live DVD username and password is tux/linux.

DIce OS stands for Demonic Sweaters’ IceWM Operating System.


DIce OS comes with absolutely no warranty whatsoever and has no support other than me replying to YouTube comments. 

Here’s some screenshots