My Various Photography Blogs

  1. Life Love Pictures – This is my oldest blog online. I’ve been posting here since 2006 and started it the year I quit doing drugs. I got a cheap digital camera and would take it around with me on my bike. It was very therapeutic to my recovery. I still post here occasionally, usually with a lower resolution camera to keep the aesthetic up.
  2. Mavica FD-7 Blog – This blog features only photos taken with the Sony Mavica FD7 floppy disk camera. I love this early digital camera. It shoots 640×480 resolution pictures on a 0.33 megapixel sensor. It also features a 10x optical zoom and built-in fx! I’ve been posting here since 2011 and it has a lot of content.
  3. Mavica FD-91 Blog – A similar concept to the FD7 blog, but using only the weirdly awesome FD-91. It also records on floppies, bt is a higher 0.8 megapixel, and can shoot in 1024×768, as well as short extremely low quality video clips!
  4. ViviCam 7022 – A new blog featuring another low resolution digital camera. This one has the ability to print the date on the image, which looks incredibly retro.