The Alesis Nitro Mesh Is Dual Zone Compatible!

The Alesis Nitro Mesh is a great inexpensive electronic drum set that comes with one dual zone snare pad, and 3 tom pads (and kick, cymbal, and hi hat pads). However the 3 tom pads it comes with are only single zone. However, by chance I discovered that all of the tom inputs are actually dual zone, even the expansion one! This means you can upgrade all the pads to dual zone!

Also, if you haven’t already, take a look at my ‘lost manual’ that has all kinds of information not found in the Alesis manual.

Being Non-Binary, and why I look different in so many of my videos

Above is a selection of videos where my appearance is quite different in each video. I’ve had a lot of comments lately of people either making fun of my looks or giving me complements. It doesn’t really bother me when people try to insult me (though I really think you should get help), but I wanted to create this post to help others who may be similar to me in how they handle their personal appearance.

First off, I view myself as an entertainer and educator, and when I am at my best, I am taking very good care of my appearance and presenting myself in my videos in a way (or at least trying) that I feel looks good. Second, I guess I could be described as somewhat non-binary, at least in my fashion choices. I like men’s and women’s clothes. I also wear makeup sometimes. I really don’t think it is a big deal at all, but some people can’t seem two wrap their heads around this concept.

Some of my vids, I’m just straight up lazy, and my hair is sloppy, and I’m basically still in my pajamas, haha. But my more recent videos I’ve been trying to change this. I’m using better mics, and making sure to use my good camera, and when I dress up for my videos, I have been wearing some makeup to enhance the features of my face that I actually like (like my eyes).

Being in the public eye is an odd phenomena. My videos have been viewed close to 2 million times at this point. This doesn’t really make me a celebrity exactly, but still it is quite a lot of people to be looking at, criticizing and judging me based on my appearance. I’m also very into fashion, and enjoy taking risks. Sometimes it works, and sometimes… well, it doesn’t. But you don’t really know unless you try it.

So this is me not apologizing, but saying to those who face similar challenges, that you’re not alone and I’m right there with you.

Thanks to all of you who have kindly supported me and keep me moving forward.

Introducing “Demonic Sweaters Presents” Virtual Venue

Back in 2014 when I was first getting serious about my YouTube channel, I knew I wanted to do something about music, but wasn’t totally sure what at the time. I experimented with several ideas back then, and one of them was making videos of local bands using multiple cameras and high quality audio, then editing and syncing it all together. As time went on the channel evolved to what it is now.

Recently I revisited these videos and remembered how much I liked them, so I thought I would bring this series back to the channel. I created a playlist with the 3 best shows from 2014 (BELLSā‰„, Big Figment, and Stereobird), and as new concerts are recorded, they will be added to this list “Demonic Sweaters Presents”.

Sit back and enjoy the show!

Two New Free Alex Lifeson Inspired Guitar Soundfonts


Hey everyone, this is an awesome contribution by musician Robb Allen who created these two very cool sf2 soundfonts inspired by the guitar tones of Rush’s legendary guitar player Alex Lifeson! These things sound awesome and will work great in Fluidsynth, or any other soundfont compatible software. Robb says he wants to offer them for free to the Linux music-making community as an appreciation for all of the other great free software out there for us to use.

The first one is called “Xanadu Guitar” and works great for rhythm and some lead work. Hear the demo below, and you can download the soundfont here.

The second one is called “Spirit Guitar” and I really love this one, it’s got a great flange to it that is similar to the guitar sounds in the songs “Spirit of the Radio” and “Free Will”. Check out the sample below and download it here.

Manasota 180g vinyl

20% discount for Manasota 180g vinyl for blog readers only!

Hey my faithful blog readers! Lately I’ve been re-learning all of my Manasota songs from 2016 which has been challenging! It’s a really funny thing when you can’t play the songs you wrote yourself and forget what you did, haha. Anyway, that’s all changing and I’ve been figuring them all out again, which has been fun and challenging. I also, just finally updated to Bandcamp pro, and now have the ability to share videos on the Anthill Recordings Bandcamp page. I’ve put together a live(ish) version of Moai and Jellyfish and is now there in the Manasota page (embeded below). I plan on making some more live(ish) versions of the Manasota material.

I also wanted to show my appreciation to those of you who regularly read this blog and created a special discount code ‘blog20’ that will give you 20% off Manasota on 180g vinyl! Since it’s only $10 right now, that’s be a dirt cheap $8 for the record with free shipping in the USA and cheap shipping everywhere else! This promotion will last for one month, so the code will no longer work after 10/8/19.

Listening on vinyl is quite pleasurable, and it really sounds great. I really want you to be able to enjoy it yourself at a very affordable price. I think if you hear it for yourself, you will definitely agree.