Top 5 Casio Synths Of All Time

Casio is one of those musical instrument companies that has made more models than it is even possible to know, so this list is mostly for fun. But here are 5 Casio synths made by Casio that have reached near legendary status!

5. CT-401 is a preset analog synth that was released in the early 1980s. It was the first Casio synth to feature “auto accompaniment”


4. HT-700 was a digital/analog hybrid fully programmable synth that was marketed as a children’s toy! It has fully programmable 8 bit drums, and an analog filter!


3. SK-1 brought audio sampling to the masses at the lowest price ever seen in the mid 80s! My parents bought me one of these as a kid, and I drove everyone absolutely INSANE with this thing. They have been circuit bent and used as is on countless albums at this point!

Casio SK1

2. FZ-1 is a fully imagined digital synth and sampler from the mid 80s. It had 16 bit sampling, which at the time was never seen before it this price point.


1.  CZ-101 is like all the other CZ series, which means it’s a Phase Distortion Synthesizer. This was Casio’s unique innovation in digital synthesis. It has a cleaner character than Yamaha’s FM synthesis, but is capable of producing some similar sounds, as well as more analog sounding sounds. What made the 101 superior to it’s bigger brothers in my opinion is the compact size!


Be sure to check out the plugins section of this website for plenty of Casio samples and VSTis!

How To Play Helicopter Cop On Drums – Advanced Drum Lesson

In this advanced drum lesson I go over a couple of the beats from my song Helicopter Cop, off my album Polybius. The beats are in 7/4 and sorta linear, well at least sections of them are. If you want to download the PDFs for this lesson, you can here See the full Helicopter Cop Vid here
If you want to download a free copy of Polybius, go to and type in one of the codes below. If those have all been used up, and would like to request a code, message me @demonicsweaters on twitter and I’ll send you one.
Here’s the codes:

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Sample Vinyl, Then Play It With A Pad Controller In Linux with Audacity and Reaper

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to rip some samples from vinyl in Audacity, then assign them to your pad controller in Reaper all within Linux! You could however still do this same technique on mac or windows! Pick up an Akai MPD here and get the Reaper Pad Controller Template here

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Is The Jackson RR Minion JS1X A Kid’s Guitar?

Is the Jackson Randy Rhoads Minion JS1X a kids guitar? Well it can be, but it does have to be.

The RR Minion is a 3/4 scale ‘mini’ Jackson Randy Rhoads model guitar that comes in a ton of awesome bright colors for only $169! In this video I go over it’s pros and cons, as well as share a demo song I made with the guitar! I hope you enjoy it and find it useful!

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Discord: demonicsweaters#6261

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Parent’s Guide To Buying a Kid’s Drum Set

Being a part time Drum Instructor I noticed that I get a lot of the same questions from parents about their kid who is just starting, or interested in playing the drums. They want to know what what set to get their child because drums are confusing, and there’s literally hundreds of thousands out there to choose from. Where do they even start? I thought I would put together this little guide to help out.

In order to determine what type of drum set to get your child, you need to ask yourself one question. Note: the terms ‘drum set’ and ‘drum kit’ mean the same thing.

  1. How old is your child? Well more specifically how BIG is your child?

If they are very young, 6 years old or below, you will most likely want to get them a ‘junior’ set to start playing on. They will not be able to reach the drums and pedals on a full sized kit. The problem is with these, is very few companies make decent quality junior sets. But don’t worry, I’ll post some below. Some parents think they can buy a ‘cheap’ one first to see if their kid likes it or not, but I really  do not recommend doing this. By doing this, you are pretty much guaranteeing they WILL NOT like it and will not stick with it. Cheap crappy Jr. drums often have barely working components, are missing essential parts, and just sound bad.

The fact that many of the cheap children’s sets are missing essential parts, like a floor tom and hi hat, will make it impossible for them to do 90% of every lesson in Hal Leonard’s Drumset Method Book, which is the standard for new drummers.

The above is an example of what NOT to buy your child. Sure you could make this set work if you bought some additional items, but why do that when you can get it all in one shot like the other one below? There are several issues with the one above. First, no hi hat. This is a deal breaker, a hi hat is the two cymbals that have the pedal that is used with the other foot (often the left, if the kid is right handed). The hi hat is used in 99.999% of all of the first exercises a new drummer will learn. Selling a drum set that is supposed to be complete when it is missing this item is outright irresponsible. The other missing item is the floor tom, this is another tom tom drum that sits on the floor and has a deeper sound. Though this isn’t as essential as the hi hat, but is still pretty essential for learning fills on the drums.

The set above by Ludwig is one of the better kid’s drum sets on the market at the moment. Ludwig in general seems to be doing the best in this market. This set is a small enough to be used by small children, but the parts are high enough quality that even once they get bigger, the cymbals could be upgraded and the drums adjusted to keep playing it as a teen. Notice the Hi Hat and Floor Tom are both present. Though you can’t really see the floor tom too well since it is behind the bass drum, but it is there. Ludwig is one of the oldest drum companies on the planet and has been producing quality drums for over a century. The only complaint with the one above is many parents say there are no instructions for putting it together. If you get one and have a problem, I will gladly assist you in assembly over Skype. Just send me a message.

If your kid is over 7 or even a teen, a full sized set will probably work fine for them. But just like above, you’ll need to choose the right set. For adult sized drums, you’ll have to weed though all of the sets that are just shell packs (drums only with no hardware and cymbals) full sets without cymbals (need to buy your own cymbals) or full sets including cymbals. In my list below I’ll include only full sets with cymbals to make it easy for you.

Okay so here’s the list starting with the Jr. Kid’s sets. If you do not see the sets, you may need to disable your ad blocker on you browser.

  1. Ludwig Pocket (this is the kit shown above as the good example, it has everything your kid will need, is built well, and looks awesome!)


2. Ludwig Jr. Outfit (Similar to the Pocket Ludwig, but has one more rack tom, also very cool looking and nicely made)

Now for some full sized sets 

3. Tama Imperialstar Full Sized Set With Cymbals / 18″ bass (this one is good for a adolescent, since it’s a bit smaller than the rest in the list because of the 18″ bass drum, but not as small as the jr. sets)


4. Ludwig Accent Drive (full size set, cymbals aren’t great quality on this set, but the drums are great)


5. Tama Imperialstar full kit with Meinl Cymbals and 22″ bass (this is an excellent quality drum set that could last a long time without needing any upgrades.

Hopefully you found this post helpful, and if you need any help, do not hesitate to ask! Thank you for reading!