Multi-Layered Sample Custom Drum Rack for eDrum MIDI Ableton

I made a tutorial on how to sample your own drums, then make a multi-layered drum rack within Ableton that you can control with your electronic drum kit. I’ve also uploaded this full drum rack for you to use in ableton as well, download it at How to install the drum rack: First download the zip file then unzip it to wherever you save your Ableton projects, then open it. Click on MIDI channel 1 and you will see the drum rack. Click the little floppy disk icon on the drum rack to save the preset to your own presets folder. Do not delete my original directory because it contains all of my samples used in the drum rack. You may need to edit your MIDI channels on your kit to match up the drums.

The Machete Demos

When I moved to South Florida in the late 90s, I was moving from a surprisingly thriving music scene (at that time) in Morgantown, WV, and when I got to Miami, I was hoping I’d get involved in another music scene as vibrant as Morgantown’s.

I was still a very young man at that time, at only 20 years old. I cut my teeth early in the bands Lincoln and Kukim, and before moving south I already had toured twice, played amazing shows, opened for likes of The Jesus Lizard, Archers of Loaf, Rites Of Spring, Brainiac, and several other legendary bands. The bar was set very high for me at that time.

When I first arrived in Florida I was seeing a lot of bands, but quite honestly a lot of them seemed like a joke to me at the time, amateur, dated sounding, and just not very skilled. All that changed quickly though when I saw some band perform at Churchill’s Pub one night at probably 2 am or so.

They were an odd looking bunch of kids, a drummer who looked a bit out of place, like maybe he was in the wrong band, and had accidentally wondered in from the sports bar down the street, a hip looking bassist with horn rimmed glasses, a guitar player with a mullet, a huge Gibson Explorer knock off guitar and a 5150 amp well… more
released January 13, 2020

Justin Gracer – guitar, vocals, drums, bass
Cynthia Trullinger – backing vocals on “Go Tell It On The Mountain” (originally by Verses)

Is the Gibraltar 5608 Throne Worth $60?

I was looking for an inexpensive drum throne to use on my Alesis Nitro Mesh Drum Kit and found this great inexpensive throne from Gibraltar! They’re only about $60 on Amazon, and compared to other drum thrones in that price range, I think they’re a great deal!

Even though it doesn’t have a threaded post, it still holds it’s position very well and hasn’t slid down at all for me. Having a good drum throne is really essential to playing better and not causing injury when you are playing.

Drumless Versions Of My Latest Live Show!

My latest live performance on my Alesis Nitro Mesh drum set has been one of the most well received videos I’ve done ever on my channel. Down at the bottom of the description there’s a link for drumless versions of all the songs in an Audacity project.

I would absolutely love to hear some of your versions of these songs! Record your own video and send me a link!

A Shulakan Christmas!

in 2008 or so I made a really weird Christmas album. Shulaka was the name I used for my really old 4track music from the 90s and early 2000s. I resurrected the name for a one off LP of Christmas classics for friends and family. Almost ten years later Here it is on YouTube, just in time for the holidays! A Shulakan Christmas combines experimental electronic music with live drums and weird bit crushed noise turned into holiday music. I hope you enjoy!