Demonic Sweaters Drum-Less

Demonic Sweaters Drum-less Tracks Library!

These are all of the drum-less tracks I’ve been playing to live on my YouTube/Twitch streams for the past month or so All of these tracks (with drums) can be streamed on all the streaming services for reference, or you can watch me play them live on the YouTube streams!

Each track is named with the song title, bpm, and time signature. To use to a click, drop each track into your DAW of choice set to the correct BPM and time signature, turn on your metronome, and everything should line up correctly. This library will grow as I add songs. You only need to purchase once, and can come back to download as often as you like when new tracks are added!

How to update the firmware on a Roland TD-6 Drum Module

NOTE: When you update the firmware on the TD-6 it will WIPE OUT ALL OF YOUR PATCHES AND SETTINGS! SO BACK UP FIRST! Keep reading to learn how!

  1. First make sure you are using a Windows PC, not a Mac, not Linux. Don’t believe me? Watch this. Just use Windows if you want this to work.
  2. Download MIDI-OX and install it.
  3. Use MIDI-OX to save a full MIDI Dump from your TD-6 (details in video)
  4. Download the TD-6v Firmware from Roland’s website It’s the same firmware regardless if you have a regular TD-6 or a TD-6v.
  5. You will also need the PCSMF Update Application, however Roland’s link is dead, so you can download it here. 
    1. Use the PCSMF app to update the TD-6 firmware. Install PCSMF, select the MIDI device and the folder where you saved the firmware. 
    2. Update Procedure:
      1. Turn off the power to the TD-6.
      2. Turn on the power to the TD-6 while holding [EDIT] and [STOP]. You will see
      the display light up, but no text will appear. You will also see [EDIT] light.
      3. Continue holding [STOP], release [EDIT], and press [KIT] button. You will see
      [KIT] light.
      4. Continue to hold [KIT], release [STOP] and press [SONG] button. Once [KIT]
      and [RECORD] light up, you can release all buttons.
      5. After a short pause, [KIT] and [RECORD] will go out and [PLAY] will light up.
      6. Play the MIDI files from the computer.
      7. As the files play to the TD-6, you will see [PLAY] light, then [PART MUTE],
      then [REC] several times in succession.
      8. You will see the [PLAY] button flash, indicating that the update has completed
      9. Turn the TD-6 off.
      Factory Reset Procedure:
      After performing the system update you must reset the TD-6 back to factory
      settings. Follow these steps to perform the Factory Reset:
      1. Turn the TD-6 on.
      2. You will see “Backup NG! Execute Reset All!”. Press the [ENTER] button
  6. Restore your settings and data using MIDI-OX (details in video)

 Jump to 22:02 to see how to do everything correctly!

Demonic Sweaters 333 Early Preview Exclusive Stream Full New Album Now!

Stream the new Demonic Sweaters full length album right now for free above. The album releases on 8/14/2021. Preorder it now on bandcamp at 333 | Demonic Sweaters | Anthill Recordings ( or pre-save it on Spotify/Apple at 333 by Demonic Sweaters – DistroKid.

Get ready for a wild ride.

Wikipedia defines Cyberpunk as “Cyberpunk is a subgenre of science fiction in a dystopian futuristic setting that tends to focus on a “combination of lowlife and high tech” featuring advanced technological and scientific achievements, such as artificial intelligence and cybernetics, juxtaposed with a degree of breakdown or radical change in the social order.”

People were writing this stuff in the 1970s and 80s, but now we’re living in this world in reality. There is no more relevant time that Cyberpunk music should exist. So what does Cyberpunk music sound like? In my opinion, exactly like the music on 333. It’s buzzing and electric, high energy, at times chaotic, but framed in a feeling of technological intelligence which provides a sense of security.
releases August 14, 2021

Demonic Sweaters – Everything
Stuff used:
Roland TD-6 and TD-27 Modules, Tama Club-Jam A2E kit, ddrum Red Shots, home made drum triggers, Behringer Crave Synthesizer, Behringer, TD-3 Bass Synth, Korg DS-8, UVI Emulation One, UVI Digital Synsations, Waves SSL Plugin Suite, Electric Guitars and Basses, Visic Technologies SmartWav2, Ableton Live 11, Reaper, Audacity, stuff I forgot, coffee, lots and lots of coffee.

Thanks to Cian Orbe Netlabel for Including Demonic Sweaters on V/A – Welcome to the New Age

I just stumbled upon this amazingly fun compilation by Cian Orbe Netlabel based in Chile. The amount of work these guys are putting into curating music is pretty astonishing. It’s all horror house, goth, cyberpunk, wave, new age, weird, and fun music, wrapped up in to theme based compilations, so it’s super easy to find something to fit your party!

They used the track “Mirror World” off the Demonic Sweaters album, “Visitors” on the compilation above.  It’s an honor to be included in such a cool mix.

Check out the full netlabel by clicking the image below!