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How to master an album in Audacity

a while back I made a youtube tutorial on how to do audio mastering in Audacity. Not just how to master a song, but how to do a complete album using Audacity’s ‘label track’ feature and ‘export multiple’.

The first video I made using a pretty inferior screen capture program, so there were some pretty crappy audio problems with it (unfortunate for an audio mastering tutorial) but I still think there was some good info on it.

Because of the audio issues in the first vid, I basically did a remake of it the other day with a better screen capture program and it looks and sounds much better. I’ve went ahead and posted both vids here though, because there is useful info on both of them.

Learn how to master your album yourself and for free using Audacity

Here’s a new tutorial I made on how to master your album or group of songs with Audacity. I go over many concepts in how to set eq, normalize files, DC offset removal, volume maximizing, and exporting multiple files. A must see!

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