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Akai MPC vs Bollywood! DNABeats slices it up with an MPC 2500!

akai mpc2500

I stumbled across this video today and thought it was worth a share. The samples DNABeats pulls from this old Bollywood record are pretty amazing. He also manages to fly though the editing process on the MPC 2500 rather quickly and skillfully. It just shows why that machine and other MPC variants have been the sampler/sequencer of choice for those that know how to use them for many many years.

Very cool beat making app for Mac and PC! BTV Solo

This is a pretty damn cool beat making app I stumbled upon while surfing twitter. It’s a full blown sampler sequencer that allows you to play it completely stand alone (even allowing keyboard play without a midi controller) as well as letting you run it in plugin mode within your favorite DAW. Check out their site to learn more!