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5 Ways To Stay Creative After 8 Hours Of Work


Okay, so this is a touchy subject for a lot of us. Many people feel like when they work all day and get home, they just don’t have the creative energy or ANY energy at all, for that matter to work on music or other creative projects.

You’re definitely not alone in this, I would feel this so much when working 9 to 5 it would drive me pretty crazy. That being said though, I still found ways to get stuff done. I though I would share my secrets of doing so for all of you who are interested.

  1. Cut out all unnecessary activities other than ones needed to survive and creative ones.
    This may sound a bit extreme, but this is part of the key to success in being productive with creative projects. How much time are you spending on social media? Delete all of your social accounts unless they are being used in a way to benefit you. I deleted my Facebook account over a year ago and this not only made me more productive, it improved my general sense of wellbeing being disconnected from all of the negativity that exists on that platform. I still have Twitter and Instagram, but twitter is used only as a marketing tool for my YouTube channel and website, and Instagram I only keep around to connect with family who are distant from me geographically. I follow very little people on both of these platforms.When you get home from work, what do you do? Are you staring mindlessly at the internet? Playing video games? Some people will claim they need to do this stuff to ‘unwind’ but I will argue these activities do nothing of the sort, and actually just wind you up into endless meandering until you wear yourself out then finally go to bed (usually far too late) without having actually accomplished anything.

    Don’t misunderstand and think that I am saying to cut out spending quality time with family and partners, this would count as a ‘necessity’, and one of the things that improves the quality of your life and can actually inspire creativity. It’s the pointless ones, like the ones talked about above, or going out to party or hang out with friends are the ones to drop. How much do these activities contribute to achieving the goals in your life? If the answer is none, then cut it out now and forever.

  2.  Be creative in the Morning!
    One great way to use your creative power to it’s fullest, is to harness it before others have a chance to suck it out of you. Start waking up 2 hours earlier, before anyone is awake and get to work. Working early often has the ability to give you ideas and energy you wouldn’t have at any other time. I do some of my best work as soon as I wake up and always have. Dreams can be a good source of inspiration too, and they are often clearest in your memory when you first wake up.
  3. Be covertly creative at work.
    The mind is an incredibly powerful thing and can process many things at once. What I mean by being ‘covertly creative’ is using your imagination to work on any creative projects you have going on inside of your mind. It is quite possible to do this while working on something completely unrelated. Don’t believe me? How many times have you worried about something all day, yet still managed to do your job? I bet a lot. Worries are nothing more than brain power being used, and not in a very constructive way either. You can detatch to some extent from your present situation (day job), still do it, while planning overdubs to a song, video shots, or production ideas all within your head. Visualize them and practice them internally, then when you get home to actually work on them, you have clearer ideas as to what you are doing.
  4. Reset and restart after work.
    If you can’t work in the morning and your only option is evenings, or if you want to do mornings and evenings, find a way to ‘reset’ before you get back to work on your creative projects. Come home, put down your phone, don’t go on your computer, and sit quietly for 15 to 20 minutes and do nothing. After this you can take a shower, and drink a cup of coffee or tea, so it is like a second morning. You had a period of rest, and refreshed and now it’s time to get to work.
    Inspiration is bullshit, discipline is the key to creativity. Remember this is your job, your REAL job. Creative work inspires others, and is a noble and important job. What would the world be without sunsets, flowers, starry skies, and rainbows? A bunch of shit, that’s what it would be. You’re helping the world be more than a bunch of shit. So get to work, and do it every day. You’ve got an important job to do, now do it. Create regardless of inspiration. Waiting for it only leads to meandering, procrastination, and falling back into the same patterns of none goal affirming behaviors.

Staying Motivated to be Creative and Completing Projects

As an artist sometimes you don’t always feel creative or inspired to create new work, but you know that being creative is one of those things that is needed for your sanity, and personal expression. So what can one do when the well runs dry? Did you ever sit down at your computer to work on music, but you feel nothing, nada, zip, zilch?

This happens to everyone, but the key is not to overthink. Then the other trick is to overpower it and MAKE your own inspiration. But how do you do this? Well my methods sometimes are a bit mechanical, but if you approach it like this you can overcome dry spells. For example, I set a goal for the day. I may say to myself, “I’m going to make a new beat today” and I sit down on my computer and I do it. The important thing is completing the project like it’s an assignment. You don’t wait for the perfect beat, song, melody or whatever, you just complete your goal.

When you complete the goal, you may love it and it may surpass your expectations since you felt so uninspired when you started making it. Or, it may still be underwhelming to you. But honestly, what’s wrong with that? The key is you need to take the pressure off yourself and it’s perfectly okay to make something that’s not great. It’s the action of creation that is important.

When an athlete trains for a big game, not every practice is going to be amazing. Some days they’re going to just suck, and some days so will you. That’s okay, you don’t have to use those things you make on the sucky days. But it’s always good to save them! I’ve personally made things I hated while I was making it, then I open it a year later and think, wow, this is awesome!

Many times it’s really just your state of mind that is blocking you. You need to remove the seriousness from what you are doing and have fun!

Earl Nightingale

Other things that get me going are motivational speakers and authors. Though people tend to make fun of this stuff, it really works. I listen to people like Tony Robbins, Napoleon Hill, Stuart Wilde and Earl Nightingale  and I can really get me motivated, and just feeling better in general.

But when it really comes down to, all you need to do is start acting. Just get the ball rolling. Sometimes you have to push it the whole way, other times it just starts rolling down the hill and all you have to do is follow. But rolling the ball is something you do regardless of how easy it is. Just do it. Make the time, the do the task. Once you start the task regardless of it’s success, it is equally important to complete it. Do this religiously, mechanically, rigorously and with discipline, and your dry spells will come less and less, and when they do, you’ll kick them right in the ass.