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Casio SK-2100 Sampling Keyboard | 1987 incredibly rare | demo video

I consider myself a Casio keyboard aficionado, but I must say I somehow never knew about this one before I saw this video. Imagine the famed Casio SK-1 on steroids combined with the rhythm sequencer of the HT-700 and you’ll get an idea of what this synth is.

Released in 1987, a year after the SK-1, the SK-2100 has full sized keys, stereo speakers and 4 sample slots that will even save when the unit is powered off (as long as batteries are installed or it’s plugged in). The same is true of my HT-700, which is also why I know the rhythm section is the same as the HT. I have one and in fact was just playing with it right before seeing this vid, the sounds are identical.

This is definitely a cool and odd piece of history. Casio always made such fun stuff in the 80s.