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MilkyTracker Drummer 2

I made another song in MilkyTracker, then recorded some drums to it. I created most of the samples in this one directly in MilkyTracker. I’m really happy with this one, especially the drum sound.

I only had 4 inputs for drums so I miked up the kick, snare, a single overhead, then used a behringer line mixer to run two dynamic mics to one channel for toms. In the mix I painstakingly cut every single rack tom and floor tom hit and put them into their own channel so I could pan them separately. With the single overhead, I duplicated it, changed the eq on the copy and offset it slightly with the original, then panned them LR to give it a pseudo stereo image.

This is actually the second version of this video I made, the first one had some lag in the transitions, so I redid the whole vid in Sony Vegas and it came out much smoother.

How to create samples in MilkyTracker | Chiptune lessons

I just wanted to share with you this easy way to make your own samples right within MilkyTracker.

How to make chiptunes, How to use trackers, tracker tutorial

Somebody managed to build a midi interface to the sound chip of a Sega Megadrive and control it with an iPad and the result is honestly….., well…. kinda crappy

When I saw the title of this vid, I was like, wow, that’s awesome. But then I watched it and the sound is well, just not that great.

It just sounds like a really pretty bland 2 operator FM synth. Get any of the 80s Yamaha PS series keyboards that pretty much all had this type of synthesis built in for around $25 on Ebay, and no need for an ipad either.

I applaud the device and hack, but don’t see anything appealing in the result.


Japanese 3DS game bridges gaming, composing music, Vocaloid and music publishing!

I’m not sure why Nintendo doesn’t release these types of games in the US, but I’m considering getting a Japanese 3DS just to get this thing.

Daigasso! Band Brothers P

You can use youtube’s translated subtitles to get the gist of what the narrator is saying about the game, as well as read this great write-up about it at Nintendo World Report, for a more in-depth description.

My take on it is this game looks completely amazing, it has a story mode where you snap your pic and record your voice (which gets turned into a vocaloid <3 <3 ) then allows you to jam along to songs using a variety of instruments in single or multi-player mode. You can connect up to 10 3DSs and all play together which sounds like an amazingly chaotic and fun time. There’s also a huge library of J-Pop included, as well as “radio stations” that allow you to get a lot more.

In addition to all mentioned above, you can also compose your own music using a suite of tools built into Band Bros P. Once you’re done with those, you can share them with your friends via streetpass, and upload them to the Band Bros page where users can vote on them and download them. I spent some time on this page myself and found quite a few really awesome and cute chippy/Vocaloid-y songs, like the one linked above. Too bad I can’t really read Japanese to fully enjoy these sites, but either way this is some cool cool stuff from Nintendo!


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