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MilkyTracker Drummer 2

I made another song in MilkyTracker, then recorded some drums to it. I created most of the samples in this one directly in MilkyTracker. I’m really happy with this one, especially the drum sound.

I only had 4 inputs for drums so I miked up the kick, snare, a single overhead, then used a behringer line mixer to run two dynamic mics to one channel for toms. In the mix I painstakingly cut every single rack tom and floor tom hit and put them into their own channel so I could pan them separately. With the single overhead, I duplicated it, changed the eq on the copy and offset it slightly with the original, then panned them LR to give it a pseudo stereo image.

This is actually the second version of this video I made, the first one had some lag in the transitions, so I redid the whole vid in Sony Vegas and it came out much smoother.

Demonic Sweaters Podcast–Episode #1

The Demonic Sweaters podcast has started and first episode is complete!

If you look to the right on this page you’ll see the RSS feed for the podcast, you can subscribe there, or with itunes using this link.

The first show was a free floating sorta format. I just talked about the origins of the Demonic Sweaters brand and played some good music. Check it out here!

ds podcst #1