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Did you know you can still download a completely free and legal version of Sony Acid?

Download sony acid for free

Download sony acid for free

Sony’s unadvertised secret is you can download a fully functioning version of their loop-based Digital Audio Workstation totally free. Click the image above to go to the download site. This is NOT a trial. It’s fully working and never expires. Its just a lite version limited to 10 tracks and does not allow fx processing on individual tracks. Even with these limitations, its┬ástill pretty good. More advanced users could easily run fx on loops using Audacity (also free) then open them back up in Acid.

Sony Acid express is a great program for those just starting out making music with their computer. Its easy to use and automatically synchronizes beats (much like Ableton Live) but it was actually around before Ableton was.

If you’re wanting to get started making music, this is highly recommended. You just need to set up an account at acid planet by providing an email address. But it really is free and legal.


Source: ACIDplanet.com: Free Downloads: ACID Xpress

Did you know there was a pretty sick Digital Audio Workstation for the original Playstation?

Yeah, there was. I had it years ago and I remember being really impressed with how advanced it was. Really didn’t expect much, but believe it or not, this thing has held up quite well. There are several advanced features like multitrack loop sequencing, programmable filters and envelopes, piano roll, and much much more.

What I didn’t know is they even made some PC, XBox, and Gameboy versions, check out the video above for a screenshot/sample music history of the “Music Generator” series of games!

You don’t need to spend money and you don’t need to pirate to start making music in Windows and Linux!

This little write up is for a piece of software I love. It’s called LMMS (Linux Multimedia Studio) don’t let the name fool you. It’s not just for Linux, in fact it works just as good in Windows. LMMS is an FL Studio style DAW pattern-based electronic music sequencer. It works REALLY well and is fast. It has tons of users and a whole lot of videos and tutorials on Youtube to get you started. It costs $0 and is completely free and open source!

I’ve used LMMS extensively on the albums, The New Sun, Number Johnny Five and Several others. Some of the songs I’ve made using this software I consider some of my best! What’s really cool is you really don’t need anything other than a computer to use it. You can play notes right from your computer keyboard and record them patterns, or record in sequence mode. Its really easy to get the hang of and I definitely recommend it for all of you new music makers out there!

I’ve collected a few videos here to show you some of the power of this program and provide you with a link to their webpage to download below!


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Bitwig Studio, A New DAW on the rise! [Digital Audio Workstation]

With the new release of Pro Tools First coming out (The free version of Pro Tools), I can’t help but wonder if Avid is eyeing its possible new competitor, Bitwig Studio. Maybe they’re thinking if they get enough new people using the free Pro Tools, they eventually want to shell out the big bucks for the full version.

Bitwig is about half the price as the full version of PT, and it looks like there’s many cool features, like multiple output of VSTs, which allows you to sort of “sidechain” many different FXs in multiple ways. I will admit to not ever trying Bitwig myself, so I can’t speak more than just appearance, but it does look pretty interesting.

It’s also multi-platform, Mac, Windows, and Linux! Yes Linux! As a long time Linux user, this makes me happy. However for me, even though it’s cheaper than Pro Tools, $300 is still a pretty hefty price tag for the Bedroom Producer. I think there are some great very inexpensive alternatives out there like EnergyXT, Ardour and Reaper.