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Help send Thee Demonic Sweaters to the Studio!

Check out our Gofundme Page here!

Hey everyone,

As you might have seen, I put together a band to perform Demonic Sweaters material called “Thee Demonic Sweaters”. We’re playing a string of shows this summer, and this fundraiser is to allow us to go into a recording studio as a full band to record our set that we are playing out at shows this summer.

Even though I wrote and recorded these songs myself playing all of the instruments, the band really puts a unique take on them, and we really want to be able to share and release a better representation of what the live show is like.

The $1500 will go for getting some time in Deep Dive Studio here in Brooklyn, NY https://www.deepdiverecording.com/, which Mitch Rackin runs, and is the former engineer of the now-defunct but legendary Seaside Lounge studio in Sunset Park Brooklyn. Studio time is set for October of 2022.

The breakdown of the funding goes to two full studio days, plus a little extra to cover gofundme fees.
Once the recording is finished it will be released digitally via Bandcamp and on Spotify and other streaming services.
Your help and support are greatly appreciated!! Thank you so much!

Anthill Recordings Mix Tape Vol. 1

Well, maybe it’s not a real ‘tape’ per se, but I wanted to make some mixes of the music on my YouTube channel, since it is interspersed within a ton of other content.

Some of the videos in here have very little views and were uploaded a very long time ago (one way back in 2010!).

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the mix. If you want to be included in a future mix, just let me know and send me your link!

When I’m a sideman

Hey all, I’ve made plenty of posts promoting my own music, but some of you might not know that I am often working as a sideman on other people’s music. I thought I’d put together a little list of fairly recent-ish recordings by bands/solo artists that feature me on drums.

    1. FRAME – State of Mind. Caitlin Frame is an incredibly gifted musician and songwriter. The band FRAME is her brainchild. It’s amazing indie pop, with incredible vocals by Caitlin, slick nostalgic production, and mature and well thought out arrangements. I’m playing drums on probably 90% of this album. Get it on 180g vinyl with the bandcamp link!
    2. Ronan Conroy – not a part of anything -Folky, punky, and diverse in energy, but Ronan’s music is always from the heart and full of atmosphere and mood. Once again I’m on drums on most of this album, except for a few tracks my sister plays on! Ronan is a talented and prolific musician, you should take the time to check out his work. This and most of Ronan’s albums are available on CD.
      3. Echoscape – Halfmoon – Acoustic math folk? Is that a thing? Well yeah it is, especailly once you hear Satoshi Inoue’s work in Echoscape. I played drums on this incredibly complex EP that is half in English and half in Japanese. It was the last thing Satoshi and I worked on together before he moved back to Japan. We had previously worked together in Quiet Sons. I am really proud of this one, and you can get it on CD 4. The Excitables – 3AM – This one is a bit of an odd bird, but a great EP. It’s odd because my friend Will Scecina back in St. Petersburg Florida and I recorded the drums, guitar, and vocal tracks way back in 2010 when I was still living in Florida. Then in 2015 I added bass, and keys. So I’m playing drums, bass and keys on this one. Will wrote all the songs, sang and played guitar. These are some great catchy 90s indie vibed songs. You can still get this one on CD from bandcamp.

This obviously isn’t all of the sideman work I’ve done, but these are within the past 5 years, so I thought I’d share them all here. Help support these awesome musicians by buying some of their merch!

Every Demonic Sweaters live YouTube performance in one playlist

I just released a new live performance video the other day of me playing drums along with a song I made in Milkytracker. This is not the first video like this I’ve made, in fact I now have 11 or so videos of my playing along to chip trackers with live drums.

In addition to that, I’ve done several other types of performances on YouTube over the years, and have been adding them to this playlist above over time. I thought I would post it here again since it has recently been updated.

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