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Helicopter Cop (Cyberpunk) (Drum Playthrough)

A high energy track in 7/4. I started this one with no real idea of where it would go, but then it really took on a life of it’s own! Cyberpunk Math Chiptune? I have no idea, but I think it came out pretty nifty.
The entire song and video were produced, recorded and edited in Ubuntu Linux 16.04. I made the main sequences in LMMS, then exported the stems to Mixbus 3.6. I recorded the drums into Mixbus using my Alesis IO4 along with the built-in audio interface on my core2 duo macbook using the jack audio connection kit giving me a total of 6 inputs! Though I only used 5 because my micro mixer has a mono output. So I just put both toms on one channel then panned them in post. I edited the video in Kdenlive.

Drums used:

2015 Tama Imperialstar Bob Kit Hairline Blue finish
Gibraltar floating tom mount system
Tama Iron Cobra hi hat stand (main hats)
Vintage Olympic hi hat stand (trash hats)
Ludwig flat base straight stands (crashes)
PDP boom stand (ride)
Vintage Nuvader Nickel Silver 15″ Hi Hats
Meinl HCS 8″ Bell
Kasza 17″ Dirty Bell crash cymbal
Vintage NuVader 22″ ride cymbal (Nickel Silver)
Meinl HCS 16″ Trash Crash / Generic 16″ brass crash bottom (trash hats)
Vintage Camber 18″ Crash Cymbal (Brass)
Aquarian Studio X on tom batters
Tama single ply clear tom resonants
Aquarian Studio X Dot on snare batter
Tama thin clear snare resonant
Aquarian Response 2 Coated kick batter
Remo Vintage Emperor w/ Kickport 2 on kick resonant
DW 6000 kick pedal
Vintage flat base Slingerland snare stand
Vintage MIJ canister throne

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Casio CT-370 and a drummer (me)

My latest youtube workings involve me creating music only on a Casio CT-370 keyboard (1987) then playing real drums to them. I’ve created two songs so far and have more in the works.

Here’s my second installment of the Casio CT-370 and drummer vids. I’m especially proud of this one and took a little longer practicing the parts and working something out on drums I thought would be interesting. If you like it, comment, click like and subscribe!

Gear used:
Casio CT-370 (1987)

Tama Imperialstar Bop Kit in Hairline Blue Wrap (18×16 kick 12×8 rack tom 14×14 floor tom 14×5 snare)
90s Ludwig Rocker 13×10 rack tom (left of snare) Metallic Blue Wrap

Zildjian ZHT Mastersound 14″ Hi Hats (B12 Alloy)
Paiste PST 5 Rock Crash 19″ (drilled and rehammered B8 Alloy)
NuVader Ride 22″ (NS12 Alloy)
Meinl HCS Trash Crash 16″ (Brass)

Remo Vintage A (toms and snare batters)
Aquarian Response 2 Coated (kick batter)
Remo Vinage Emperor (kick resonant, no hole with felt strip)
Tama Single Ply Clear (snare and toms resonant)
Remo Smooth White Emperor (Rocker top)
Evans G1 clear (Rocker bottom)

Cad KBM412 Kick
Nady RSM5 Ribbon Overhead (used in Mid Side Miking Techique)
BM-800 Condesner (used in Mid Side Miking Techique)
SHS OM-450 (sm57 copy on snare miked from the side of the drum)

Aquarian X10 5B synthetic drum sticks

Ableton Live Intro 9 (sequenced and arranged casio)
Cubase LE 5 (recorded drums and mixed)
Audacity (mastered audio)
Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 13 (Video Editing)

This song, which I am calling “Central Interface Control Module”, was made entirely on a Casio Casiotone CT-370 (1987) and live recorded drums. I recorded and arranged in Ableton Live Intro then recorded live drums to it also in ableton, on the timeline screen with autowarp long samples disabled.

The CT-370 doesn’t have midi, so I was forced to play all the parts individually by hand. Ableton makes this easy though because of it’s amazing time correction tools.

It was quite hot in my studio when I was doing the drums to it, you can pretty much see sweat dripping off of me, haha.

Amiga Protracker and a Drummer

I programmed a song in Protracker then recorded myself playing drums to it. For more videos like this, subscribe to my channel.

Meet Oded Kafri, Drummer, world traveler, and a man with simple life philosophy

Oded Kafri

I really love this man. Not only is he a completely amazing drummer and performer. He has such a level-headed and simple view of life it is truly inspirational. This is what music is all about.

Check out his amazing live drumming to Squarepusher!

Crazy fun remix of Super Mario World’s Underground BGM with live drums!



This time I decided to take my favorite song from the classic Super Nintendo Entertainment System game, Super Mario World and remix it then play some drums to it. I Took an original rip of the music from the game, then beat sliced it, sped it up a bit, added more parts (synths, guitar VSTs) then finally added my own drumming and game sound fx! I hope you enjoy it!

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Thanks for watching!!!!!!