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Midi Handpan Fundraiser


I’m not sure if there would be any advantage to a handpan shaped midi controller, but nevertheless this company is planning on making one. It definitely is visually interesting, but I don’t really know how practical it will be. Still interesting though.

Kickstarter has a new project called the Oval Digital HandPan.  It is a percussive instrument that can connect via USB on Android and iOS or Bluetooth MIDI on iOS to the MIDI-compliant music app of your choice to give you an unlimited palette of sound to choose from.  With five sensors per pad, it gives the player fine control over the sound and there is a learning mode aided by LEDs that help you learn how to play the instrument.  Touted as being for the professional or the beginner, this unique instrument is an intriguing option for anyone with 500 euros or more to plunk down on their Kickstarter campaign.  As of this writing, they have nearly twice as much pledged as their original $109,000 goal, so you will be getting in on a Kickstarter that will go forward.  Pledging ends July 12th.

via http://the-gadgeteer.com/2015/06/16/oval-midi-digital-handpan-on-kickstarter/