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Fairlight CMI Sample Collection | Free Fairlight CMI IIx Sample Pack

Fairlight CMI free sample library


This awesome Fairlight CMI sample library originated from a VSE forum post located here. The poster put all the files up on a sendspace account but were all broken up into separate files, so it took quite a while to download all the samples from the multiple sendspace pages.

I went ahead and downloaded them all then created a new rar file to download them all at once. Unfortunately the link on the original post was dead for disks 7 through 10, but the vast majority of the samples are still here and are quite good. Super gritty, lofi, 80s sounding stuff. You can load them into just about any soft-sampler and manipulate them and trim to your liking!




Fairlight CMI and CVI playlist | Rare footage of the classic sampler and video instrument

This is a playlist that features two historic pieces of gear by Fairlight (Pete Vogel) The first being the well known Fairlight CMI which was the first digital audio sampler, but I have also included the lesser known CVI (computer video instrument) which was an analog video fx unit that made some incredibly cool video fx. These are pretty hard to come by these days, but there’s several good vids on youtube with them.

Also there’s a Fairlight CMI app now available on iOS, so if you have an iPad you should look into that. I’m still waiting for the Android or Windows version :p


Gold Canary-1

Fairlight CMI | Peter Gabriel predicts non-European influenced music made on cheap electronics way back in 1982

This is another one of those Youtube gold finds. Watch Peter Gabriel rummage around in Junk Yards, smashing windshields, TVs, and blowing through metal pipes to gather samples for the Fairlight CMI!

Peter was quite a sampling pioneer and embraced technology early on. He was one of the first to record an album completely digitally with his album “Security”.  In this video he talks about how in the future technology for making music will become “very very cheap” and how the 3rd world is going to be influencing music more and more. He was pretty right on the money when you think about all of the crazy hybrids of music we hear these days.

The video is mostly in English, so don’t worry if you don’t understand French in the beginning.

Fairlight CMI II