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Who Is Generation X, and Why Don’t People Talk About Them?

Generation X is actually my Generation. I was born in 1975. If anything, I am the perfect example of a Gen X person. I’m a non-conformist, cynical, musician, computer nerd who never really grew up. My parents were never around, and I basically raised myself. I’m damn proud of my generation and we deserve to be recognized. Boomers and Millennials get all the attention, but it’s all pretty bad, so maybe it’s good we’re the forgotten ones.

A lot of people don’t really realize that it was the punk band, “Generation X” who were fronted by a very young Billy Idol (who is actually part of the Boomer generation) were basically the ones responsible for this title. I loved these guys as a kid (still do). Plus Idol was a pretty damn hot sweaty twink in his day, haha.