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Mikumentary | ミクメンタリー | A Multipart Hatsune Miku Documentary

hatsune miku

With the release of Vocaloid 4 and Cyber Diva coming the US in 2015, it’s almost hard to believe that another virtual singer has been in the spotlight in Asia since 2011, yet many Americans still have never heard of Hatsune Miku.

If you’re one of them, don’t worry. A San Diego based filmmaker has taken up the task of creating a Hatsune Miku documentary. This is a great look at the phenomena as a whole, and a nice introduction Miku if you’re confused as to what exactly this is. Check out episode one below!

See the rest of the episodes on Tara Knight’s website http://taraknight.net/

Hatusne Miku | 1000 Cherry Blossoms played brilliantly on a Guzheng! (Chinese zither)

Check out this amazing performance of 1000 Cherry Blossoms on Guzheng that popped up on my Youtube feed. Sorry I can’t provide much more info on it since I can’t read the Chinese words on the page. Still very very impressive playing and great to watch!

“Pocket Miku” a tiny handheld Hatsune Miku Synthesizer for under $70! [Vocaloid]

Here’s something that is yet to hit the mainstream and you can get them for under $70 on Amazon! This is a tiny pocket-sized hardware synthesizer which uses the official Yamaha Vocaloid sound processing technology along with the Hatsune Miku voicebank to allow you to play in real time as a ribbon-controlled synthesizer! Um….. how fraking cool is this? For those of you that are not wanting to shell out the nearly $200 on Vocaloid and the Miku soundbank, you now have a much cheaper alternative.

This is also really great for live performances and experimental musicians. Play it in real-time through fx pedals, great complementary item to the line of Korg micro-synths on the market today!