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Korg Electribe (the old one) performance of hyperactive insane oldschool techno sampling

There was a lot of buzz about the Korg Electribe 2, but lets not forget the older Korg Electribes were some serious music makers, especially when at the hands of a skilled user! I stumbled across this performance by christolikid les oreilles libres that is quite banging. His insane hyperactive beats are mesmerizing and he uses the sampling features of the Electribe incredibly well!

The Electribe SX EX-1 was a somewhat strange unit in that it had two vacuum tubes visible through the front panel that were attached to the amplifier section. This was a pretty strange marketing tact since “tube snynths” were a thing like…. never. But still, there definitely does seem to be a rather warm tone to the EX-1.

Korg esx1performance

Japanese electro-pop producer performs with the new Korg Electribe

Hercelot Wake Up Fake Pop

The Korg Electribe has always been an underrated piece of gear in my opinion, and the new one looks like a logical step forward, but keeping to the original idea of a tabletop workstation with a wide pallet of sounds to work with. Check out Hercelot’s clean beat style. I like it a lot actually. Some youtubers seem to think it’s too clean, but what do youtube commenters ever like anyway?

What the bitter youtubers don’t realize is Hercelot has some pretty amazing tunes on his bandcamp page. Check it out below to get a good feel for his upbeat, fun electronic workings!