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Geeky Gigs, an 8 bit and retro inspired live drums and DJ series


If you haven’t seen my Geeky Gigs web show, please check it out. Above is a playlist of all my geeky gigs so far. These are all solo performance videos of me playing several different pieces of equipment and software.

I spend some time playing drums to the Korg M01D on Nintendo 3DS, explore Vocaloid in a song with live drums and Megpoid GUMI, and show you some ways to use the Korg Nano series midi controllers live!

Next, I’ll be exploring possibilites of the Akai MPD 24 midi pad controller in the latest Episode of Geeky Gigs scheduled for this Sunday! I try to keep them entertaining and fun to watch, and new episodes come out just about every other Sunday.

Korg M01D | Nintendo 3DS and a Drummer! ニンテンドー3DSとドラマーパート2

Here’s my second song of me playing drums to the Nintendo 3DS. I used the Korg M01d synthesizer and workstation. All the music was composed on the 3DS, I only added drums. My laptop is to the left of me because it’s recording the whole thing live. I had two mics on the drums, one close and one far. Thanks for checking it out, hope you like it. Please subscribe and share!

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