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Twisting moog knobs automatically with an iPad!

Check out this vid by Experimentalsynth – “Some first experiments with sequencing MIDI CC values with the Koushion iPad app. New features in ver 4.0 allowed me to control multiple CC parameters simultaneously while also sequencing notes.

In this example I’m using Ableton as a master clock, to provide beats and to route the MIDI data from Koushion to the Moog synths (Little Phatty & Slim Phatty) and a (clock synced) Line 6 Echo Pro. The heart of the timbres I’m using here come from sequencing (on both synths) Osc 2 frequency on an oscillator sync patch, and filter envelope decay. I’m also sequencing Envelope Generator amount on the Slim Phatty for some additional variation.

This just scratches the surface of everything you can do with this setup. The Moog synths were great to use for this since you can also see the CC sequencing in action.

Koushion is great integrated into a larger setup like this, or as a stand alone sequencer. Check it out on the App Store.”