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Check out this great video on creating cinematic MIDI realism!

Check out this really great video tutorial by Andrew Gerlicher on how to make your MIDI compositions sound real for film score or orchestration music! This is a simple video with very practical and useful tips. Definitely worth the watch!


Geek Gurl shows you how to hand-code music on a Raspberry Pi!

Searching for new vids on the Raspberry Pi 2, I stumbled across this awesome Youtuber, Geek Gurl, who created an awesome tutorial on how to program music on a Raspberry Pi computer. If you don’t know, a Raspberry Pi is a tiny computer that sells for only $70 dollars or so. Version 2 is sporting a quad core processor and a gig of ram. Word also has it that they will support Windows 10! Anyway, I’m getting distracted, check out Geek Gurl’s video on making music with a Pi!