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Peter Gabriel Genesis

This classic Genesis performance with Peter Gabriel is the winner of the internet

I’ve seen some good old Genesis footage in the past, but none of them even came close to this amazingly clear remastered video that originally aired on French TV in 1974. Peter Gabriel’s performance here is the stuff of nightmares, but it is also absolutely mind blowing and mesmerizing.

I love musical theatrics, and Peter’s take on Genesis was so amazing and creative, there was really nothing else like it. He’s like some bizarre acid trip children’s TV villain. Watch this on full screen with headphones in 4k and you’ll be changed forever.

Fairlight CMI | Peter Gabriel predicts non-European influenced music made on cheap electronics way back in 1982

This is another one of those Youtube gold finds. Watch Peter Gabriel rummage around in Junk Yards, smashing windshields, TVs, and blowing through metal pipes to gather samples for the Fairlight CMI!

Peter was quite a sampling pioneer and embraced technology early on. He was one of the first to record an album completely digitally with his album “Security”.  In this video he talks about how in the future technology for making music will become “very very cheap” and how the 3rd world is going to be influencing music more and more. He was pretty right on the money when you think about all of the crazy hybrids of music we hear these days.

The video is mostly in English, so don’t worry if you don’t understand French in the beginning.

Fairlight CMI II