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Podcast to return soon, new name and co-host!

Hey all,

I have some exciting news! The Demonic Sweaters Podcast is really going to return. I know I have been saying that pretty much this entire year, but this time it’s for real. Watch for a new episode before this Christmas that will be talking about a new format, schedule, name, and the announcement of my new co-host!!

If you want to get caught up on the old episodes, you can subscribe though your favorite podcast app, or click here for the RSS feed



Demonic Sweaters Podcast–Episode #1

The Demonic Sweaters podcast has started and first episode is complete!

If you look to the right on this page you’ll see the RSS feed for the podcast, you can subscribe there, or with itunes using this link.

The first show was a free floating sorta format. I just talked about the origins of the Demonic Sweaters brand and played some good music. Check it out here!

ds podcst #1