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Demonic Sweaters Roland TD-6 Custom Kits Volume 1

This is a collection of 10 custom kits I programmed for the Roland TD-6. These are all sounds I have used on my live streams and my albums “333”, and “Can You Draw Me?”.

To transfer the sounds to your TD-6 or TD-6v, use the send sysex feature in MIDI-OX.

Installing these kits will overwrite kits 1-10 on your TD-6, so make sure if you have something on those slots you want, copy them to other memory slots, or backup your existing patches with MIDI-OX before installing the kits.

These kits are configured as follows:

Ports used: Kick, Snare, Tom 2, Tom 3 (tom 1 unused), hit hat/pedal, Crash 1, Ride/Crash 2 (both used for 3 zone ride). All drums are configured as single zone, crash is dual zone, and ride is 3 zone (using ride and crash 2 inputs). Tom 1 input is unused.

Download my custom TD-6 Kits here!

How to load the kits:

  1. Connect midi out from your computer to the TD-6 MIDI input
  2. Open the sysex window in MIDI-OX
  3. Load the kits file
  4. It’ll look something like this
  5. Send sysex, there’s no settings on the module, it will just detect the incoming sysex and load it. That should do it!

This guy takes Electronic Drumming to melodic perfection and technical mastery

Came across this awesome video on youtube of Tony Royster Jr. playing a drum solo on a set of Roland V-Drums. What I really liked about this is the melodic aspect of the first half. I think this is something a lot of drummers don’t consider when thinking of the possibilities of an electronic drum set.

Electronic drums are essentially synthesizers but instead of a keyboard, you have a drum set to interface with them. Most people still don’t utilize them to their fullest potential. This video is a step in the right direction though.