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Block out the outside world, work on music

it’s no secret there’s lots of stupidness out there right now. I’m not even going to mention anything by name. We all know what’s going on and it fucking sucks and is stupid. But here’s the deal. The sucky stupidness is like a giant magnet that can pull you in and take you away from what you really love, and what you are really here to do. You’re here to make music. You’re here to make the best music.

Great music is something amazing that transcends all suckiness and stupidness. 2020 may be a flaming bag of dog shit in many ways, but if you’re able to block it all out, the one thing a lot of us have more of is time. Time to make amazing music. I’ve been very busy during all this horseshit. I’m in the process of completing my 3rd EP since March, and after this one is done I’m going to be working on a full length….. with vocals. It’s been a long time for me to do music with vocals, but I’m going to do it. I already have some stuff in the works. One thing about this craptacular year is it’s giving plenty of material to write lyrics about.

Get yourself a journal. Write in it daily that you will not let the outside world or events beyond your control affect your work. You will stay focused regardless of everything and get things done. You’re going to get it done, you’re going to put it out there, and it’s going to be fucking awesome. Your music will connect at a level with people never before. It will bring those who hear it together over common experiences and thoughts.

You’ve got work to do, go do it. If you need some gear to get you started or to inspire you, consider getting it here at my Reverb link.