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“Pocket Miku” a tiny handheld Hatsune Miku Synthesizer for under $70! [Vocaloid]

Here’s something that is yet to hit the mainstream and you can get them for under $70 on Amazon! This is a tiny pocket-sized hardware synthesizer which uses the official Yamaha Vocaloid sound processing technology along with the Hatsune Miku voicebank to allow you to play in real time as a ribbon-controlled synthesizer! Um….. how fraking cool is this? For those of you that are not wanting to shell out the nearly $200 on Vocaloid and the Miku soundbank, you now have a much cheaper alternative.

This is also really great for live performances and experimental musicians. Play it in real-time through fx pedals, great complementary item to the line of Korg micro-synths on the market today!

PLAYLIST | 65 of The Best Vocaloid and UTAU Songs On Youtube 2015!

Here’s a collection of 65 of the best Vocaloid / UTAU tracks on Youtube. I know there are many many more out there, but this is a great place to start if you are just getting into the music and want a good mix of some of the best tracks!