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GTA 5 PC Music Video Contest Announced

Rockstar Games has announced a new competition that challenges Grand Theft Auto V PC players to use the Rockstar Editor video editing suite to make a music video.

The first ever Rockstar Editor video contest calls on players to create what will be the official music video for the song “Leave” by Wavves, a track featured in GTA V on the new in-game radio station The Lab.

Here’s how the band Wavves sums up the track and what it’s looking for with a music video:

“The song is about leaving a bad situation. Whether that means a criminal enterprise or activity, or a bad romantic relationship, or something else entirely is up to you to interpret as the music video director. Just have fun with it and don’t be afraid to get a little weird along the way.”

read more http://www.gamespot.com/articles/gta-5-pc-music-video-contest-announced/1100-6427331/

Chrono Trigger Fan Music

We rounded up some interesting Chrono series arrangements we’ve found on the Internet recently. First up, the video above mashes up an arrangement of Chrono Trigger‘s Undersea Palace with Marc Aurel’s song “Running.” Oh, and it also features nature documentary footage from the BBC (I think there’s some Planet Earth in there… if anyone can identify the footage, leave a comment!). Among all the remixes and AMVs to be found in the world, this is definitely one worth checking out. NEXT!

Okay, so you might not be interested in the British hip-hop stylings of Devlin, but his song “Community Outcast” samples the piece “Dream of the Shore Bordering Another World” from Chrono Cross. The melody is used many times in the game, technically, and was first found in Radical Dreamers. In any case, this is one of Mitsuda’s most haunting melodies, and it actually sounds quite good in this newly-crafted sample with added piano and drum beats. Also, the black-and-white video is reminiscent of the end credits of Chrono Cross, dontcha think? (thanks to Jay at STC for the tip)

Source -> Original Sound Version » Some Chrono Fan Arrangements Worth Checking Out (Video + MP3 Links!).


Hyde209 made a whole slew of video game remixes, and he’s not finished!


Hyde209 is a prolific video game music remixer and inspired musician who made this playlist of 169 remixes of famous and less famous video game soundtracks! Great fun playlist to listen to while you’re cleaning, working or just hanging out!


Crazy fun remix of Super Mario World’s Underground BGM with live drums!



This time I decided to take my favorite song from the classic Super Nintendo Entertainment System game, Super Mario World and remix it then play some drums to it. I Took an original rip of the music from the game, then beat sliced it, sped it up a bit, added more parts (synths, guitar VSTs) then finally added my own drumming and game sound fx! I hope you enjoy it!

If you like this kind of thing, be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel! Also search for Demonic Sweaters on any major streaming music service, google play, itunes, spotify, xbox, ect…..

Thanks for watching!!!!!!

Japanese Video Game Music Documentary | Diggin’ In The Carts | Episodes 1 through 6

This is a fantastic documentary about the huge influence of Japanese video game music had on the entire world. I’ve put together a playlist of episodes 1 through 6. This was a really cool film put together as a miniseries by Red Bull.


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