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Vocaloid and a Drummer [Rise and Shine – Demonic Sweaters and Megpoid GUMI] [Original]

Rise and Shine – Original Vocaloid song
Music, lyrics, and drumming by Demonic Sweaters ©2015
Art work by Juh Juh – http://juh-juh.deviantart.com/
Song created in Energy XT and Vocaloid 3 with the Megpoid GUMI voicebank.

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ライズと磨き – オリジナルボーカロイド曲
Juh Juhによるアート作品 – http://juh-juh.deviantart.com/


Paglabas ng at Shine – Orihinal na Vocaloid kanta
Music, lyrics, at drumming sa pamamagitan ng Demonic Sweaters © 2015
Likhang sining sa pamamagitan ng Juh Juh – http://juh-juh.deviantart.com/
Song nilikha sa Enerhiya XT at Vocaloid 3 sa Megpoid ang Gumi voicebank.

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V Flower for a snowy Tuesday! [Vocaloid]

V Flower is one of the newer Vocaloid voices. I wanted to find a good example of her voice on Youtube and came across “Q”! It not only shows her style well, but is a really great song too! She has a somewhat androgynous voice that seems to work well in rock, or goth sounding music.

V Flower

For those of you reading this who don’t know, Vocaloid is a type of software created by Yamaha that synthesizes singing in various personas using character voicebanks.