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4 easy steps to make an original song with UTAU 100% legal and free with Windows

infographic - make a utau


  1. Create your song with Anvil Studio – Anvil studio is a free audio midi sequencer http://www.anvilstudio.com/ compose your music in Anvil. You can even write vocal melody in Anvil. Just use a GM sound for the temporary vocal part. Once your song and vocal melody is complete export your song as a midi file.
  2. Create your synthesized vocal with UTAU – UTAU is free to use Shareware vocal synthesizer After configuring UTAU (see utau wiki) http://utau.wikia.com/wiki/UTAU_wiki
    import your midi file you created in Anvil. When UTAU prompts you to select the midi track to use,
    select the GM track you created your vocal melody in. Insert your lyrics into the vocal melody using UTAU.
    After all lyrics are imported, export your vocal track as a wav.
  3. Convert your MIDI file to wav with Format Factory – Format Factory is an awesome audio and video
    converter. http://www.pcfreetime.com/ It will convert nearly anything to anything. Use it to convert your GM (general midi) song that you created in Anvil Studio to wav. (hint: open the midi file in Anvil first again and delete your fake vocal track then save it again under a new name) Save your old file just in case you want to change it in the future!
  4. Mix your song and vocal with Audacity – Audacity is the most famous free audio software on the planet. http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ It’s 100% free and does TONS of stuff. Import both your music audio file (that you converted with format factory) and your wav vocal file you exported from UTAU. You will most likely need to align them in audacity, which can be done by zooming in and moving the wavs until they line up. Add compression, fx and mix. Export to stereo wav!