Thee Demonic Sweaters EPK

Demonic Sweaters is the musical project of me, Justin Wierbonski. I started out back in the post-hardcore days as the drummer for the influential bands “Lincoln” and Kukim. I later played in a DC bands such as The Boom, and Canyon. As well as NYC Indie Rockers, Echoscape, and FRAME. Demonic Sweaters originally was a solo recording project, but as time went on, it evolved into a creative brand with full length albums on physical and digital media, a YouTube Channel with over 25,000 subscribers, and an active online presence and fanbase.

Thee Demonic Sweaters

After the 2020 Lockdowns, the time had come for me to start playing live again, but I didn’t want to do it alone, so I started putting together a band to support the live shows, and Thee Demonic Sweaters was born.

To avoid going off on a pretentious tangent on what we sound like, just listen. Simply put, it’s experimental rock.

Currently the live lineup is a trio consisting of myself on drums and vocals, Jon Michelson on guitar, and Ronan Conroy on bass. 


Demonic Sweaters Taken with a Mavica FD-7

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